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Rated: E · Poetry · Romance/Love · #2288205
This thing keeps happening every night.
Every Night,

around three o'clock in the morning
Overwhelmed with desire
As every cell in my body, thristing for you,
bellows so powerfully in its longing that it shakes me from my sleep
and i snap into awareness
and all I am aware of is how much I want to be with you

And it is a primal hunger
Like a beast, long bested in his hunt
hungry, and desperate, and knowing all it needs
yet unable to quench that well known fire that burns within
despite his strength and skill
by things like circumstance and season
which no force on earth can best
and so he quells the pains of hunger by strength of mind
and slowly paces
back and forth
and bides his time

And none the less
That ranging hunger roars
And as his belly growls its discontent with want and need
So desperate in its cries that he's awakened.
In that clear moment
that can be fully felt neither awake nor in his dreams
The images of the feast he so desires
play vividly in his unguarded mind;

feeling pulsing flesh crushed firmly in his jaws,
the taste of heat and life contained within the fluids
dripping from his lips,
trickling down his throat,
flowing freely from one beast to another
wrent free and torn asunder by desire.
and in the hot and sticky carnage of Passion's rage,
with every drop and moment he can consume,
feeling life given, life taken, and life renewed

until the pulsing stops
and both lie still
full spent from that perfect violent dance
which mimcs death, yet gives both might
The hunter now subdued.
His pray freshly infused with all his might;
and as the tangled heap of limbs and arms entwined
begin to cool
hunger slowly fades,
the clock resets,
the moment passes,

I awake
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