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by Espero
Rated: E · Poetry · Contest Entry · #2288252
We see the color blue in nature everywhere we look
When I think of BLUE my mind goes here:
To a waterfall that's running clear.
The towering stream above my head,
falls to the ground and begins to spread.
Perhaps to a lake, or stream, or spring,
where the grass is green and birds all sing.

The colors we find in our great seas,
are constantly changing with the breeze.
Every time I look, a different one,
from early morning to setting sun.
Refreshed by the sound of lapping waves,
my eyes welcome the enchanted gaze.

Everywhere I look is bright blue sky,
home to the fluffy clouds floating by.
A place so vast, we cannot fathom,
its massive depth or unknown chasm.
What lies therein is anyone's guess
but I think there I would like to rest.

A bluebird sings his attractive song,
our minds wander as we hurry on.
Is his singing really full of glee,
or some sad story he's telling me?
He has much freedom; we've become tied,
to work, to home, to our foolish pride.

Blue mountains I see in the distance,
have stood there since our pre-existence.
Their great massive peaks reaching skyward
into the clouds; their highest tips blurred.
They will be standing when we are gone,
for they are giants and we are pawns.

It's interesting how the color blue,
is everywhere when we think this through.
The singing birds, mountains and flowers,
Even the early morning showers.
I can't imagine life without blue,
it enhances everything we do.

36 Lines
Prompt: Blue
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