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A dedication to those living with or impacted by the insidious nature of dementia.
Besieged, broken and tattered within,
I raised my voice to try to sing,
Where once melody filled the air,
Hang remnants of grief, of shattered despair.

Kaleidoscopic colours morphed into greys,
Sunless daylight now filled my days
Bereft, broken, painfully threadbare
A once joyful smile- now just a vacant stare.

What will raise me from this broken sleep?
What can penetrate pain this dark and deep?
Precious memories, muted, locked within an airtight vault,
It’s not through choice; it’s not through fault.

Fragments of clarity fleetingly awaken my being,
Impermanent … my consciousness fleeing.
Memories of loved ones trapped deep within my core,
Of brighter days, love, laughter, and 'oh' so much more.

If you look beyond my vacant stare,
Really take the time to stop, to care
You’ll see me desperately clinging to life,
Of fading memories of being a mother and wife.

If you look hard enough, you’ll see a spark,
My essence is still here; I’m just trapped in the dark.
My inner child grows restless within,
She longs to raise her voice and sing.

She wants to scream, wants to shout,
Turn on the light, let me out.
But sadly, she’s captured, disarmed and caught,
She's valiantly lived a life hard-won, hard-fought.

Every moment, every connection.
Missed opportunities, painful perfection.
if she had her time again,
She'd definitely learn to dance in the rain.

So here I am, lost in the grey,
My inner child still longs to play.
I learn to close my eyes and breathe,
I allow my inner child to grieve.

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