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A short poetic story about a couple named Rose and Jackson. A seemed to be well couple.
Rose And Jackson
- There once was a couple Rose and Jackson. They were happy as they were well. This, their story I'm about to tell. Rose a kind very kind girl, but with Jackson
she was blind to the signs, because she was just too kind. Jackson laid back always in quiet motion, but he really liked to toy with her emotions. Then one night when her parents were in a fight. She left unnoticed to meet with Jackson for an hour. Then she'd go home right before her parents awoke. But this time Jackson remained unseen. Little did she know of his murderous scheme. Little did she know, that with a knife Jackson silently hid behind the snow. As she searched with a lot of unease Jackson still remained unseen. When Jackson jumped out running at her with a knife. Rose screamed in terror as the knife flashed in the light. She was definitely unimpressed as she tried to run , but she then tripped on her dress. She fell to the ground in a bit of a daze. They were in the forest she specifically hated that place. Her leg was stuck as she tried to get up. When she almost got up . Jackson then decided to attack. Jackson then slammed the knife into her back. Over and over again then was a loud crack, as the knife slammed into her back bone. How Rose was murdered he didn't want anyone to know. So he hid the body right under the snow. Three minutes later another girl came her face with disgust as she got ready to complain. "It's thirty degrees and we're having our date here!?"She exclaimed." Looks like Jackson found another girl to kill (Roses spirit said feeling ill). The sun came out as the girl and Jackson hugged. The girl pushed Jackson off as she saw he was covered in blood. "Another victim is about do die.. I can't look". Jackson and the girl yelled at each other then the girl punched Jackson in the face and walked out leaving him in the cold. Jackson sat there feeling most stupid. That's when rose said "Never mind. She wouldn't make the same stupid mistake I did".

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