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Contemporary fiction, as it deals with everyday life and events.
The rain had been falling for days, a relentless downpour that seemed to have no end. The streets were flooded, and the air was thick with the sound of rushing water.

Claire huddled under her umbrella, making her way home from work. She had always loved the rain, the way it made the world feel fresh and new. But this was different. This was a deluge, a monsoon. And it made her feel small and insignificant.

She trudged up the steps to her apartment, her shoes squelching with every step. Inside, she hung up her coat and kicked off her shoes, grateful to be out of the weather.

But as she settled onto her couch, she couldn't shake the feeling of unease that had settled in her chest. The rain was coming down so hard, it sounded like it was right on top of her.

Suddenly, there was a loud crash and the sound of shattering glass. Claire leapt to her feet, her heart pounding. She cautiously made her way to her balcony, her mind racing with possibilities.

To her surprise, she found that a tree had fallen in the storm, crashing through the railing and shattering the sliding glass door. Rain was pouring in, drenching her carpet and furniture.

Claire felt a sudden rush of gratitude. The rain may have damaged her home, but it had also brought her a renewed appreciation for the power and beauty of nature. She knew that things could be fixed and replaced, but the experience was something unique.

Claire quickly assessed the damage and take action to prevent further damage and in the end, she was grateful for the adventure the rain had brought her. She watched the rain for a few more moments before heading to bed, feeling more at peace than she had in days.

The next day when the sun came out again and the sky was clear and blue, she felt grateful that the rain was gone, but also felt a sense of longing for the sound of raindrops on her windowpane.
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