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Future is something we need to collectively focus upon. Equality is needed.
Working the whole day through.
Trying to cope through life.
Yeah, working my fingers blue.
Without one to hold in life.

I’m a guy, who’s been led around.
By my nose, as my feet shuffle upon the ground.
I’m sentimental, a soul from old.
Creating art, that I must grab hold.

I’m a light, burning in the dark.
Glowing hot, without a spark.
I’m on fire, it’s truly insane.
Oh, my desire, I’ll convey it again.

I’m a guy who has in the past.
Burned out my mind, finished used and last.
But I know, a thing or two.
On how my sadness, has ended, it’s true.

I’m a guy, built to last.
My sadness is a thing of my past.
Life’s no game of dress-up and pretend.
Of this fact, I do confess and will defend.

Our love’s required, as a healing rain.
To shower us all, again and again.
I’ve taken nothing, from any of you.
For a future that’s bright, strait, and true.

We’ve repeated histories from our past.
But to continue, will seal our fates; dead and last.
Life’s too precious to simply throw it away.
Or to wear a mask and hide within a play.

It’s our time, to forgive our collective past.
And put the final nail within the lid real fast.
Or face our end, collectively as a race.
With no one, to carry on in our place.

It’s imperative, can’t you all see?
We need each other, else we’re nothing more than a Greek tragedy.
Facing forward, unity’s a human right.
Embrace equality for all, to hold back the night.

United we stand
Divided we fall

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