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Rated: E · Chapter · Fantasy · #2288377
Long-forgotten Wizard makes his presence known.
Caleb Juxsun sat contently in his beloved Rose Garden sipping his tea and watching the Dragonfly's zip here and there all around him. This is one of his favorite things to do to pass the day. He enjoyed his peace and quiet after many years of dealing with people who he couldn't stand to be around. Such was the life of a court wizard. A life he gladly gave up after his friend died partly due to his temper and his friend's foolish behavior.

Suddenly, Caleb felt a coldness come over his heart and he found it hard to catch his breath. Something was wrong in the land. Something deadly to the land and its inhabitants. He emptied his mind and concentrated inward to take away the dreadful feeling and free his spirit once again. An ancient chat rose from his lips spreading outward through the Rose Garden, and after many moments warmth came again and the dark clouds passed him by. A feeling of calmness flowed throughout him.

Slowly, his eyes opened, cautiously gazing around to see if danger lurked by, but in his heart and mind, he knew none was near. Steady upon his feet for one his age, he made his way into the rock house built so many years ago by one of his Order. The fireplace gave off enough heat and part of the light inside the large room. Flickering bees' wax candles made up the rest of the light.

Taking down an Ancient volume off the shelf, Caleb flipped through the pages until he reached the passageway he looked for. Knarled, yet still-strong fingers traced their way down the page. His lips moved as he read from sentence to sentence, and paragraph to paragraph. For hours he stood, then sat, as the fire and candles burned low.

Finally, he stood to stretch, his robes rustling over the sound of the crackling fire. On the table stood a Goblet made of Gold with fancy etchings on its sides. With a twirl of his hand and the Goblet filled with Ale. He needed something stronger than the usual Tea he drank, and water would not cut the dryness he felt in his mouth and throat right now.
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