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The rescue of a smile from a woman who has too many reasons to frown these last years.
Seated at the table
A woman with a frown
Pretty clothes tell the fable
She is not crushed down

A brutal man stole her smile
Trampled on her inner garden
Others followed in single file
As sensitive as Bin Laden

Her body curved into men's thoughts
And made her loads of money
Her soul is washed in whiskey shots
She was too often the playboy bunny

Then a man from her past
Found her on this Winters day
Lifted her chin from downcast
And spoke to her of a better way

Now he sits with her and they talk
Her life turns to the light
He finds her smile as they walk
Rescues her from the night

A long lost girl is set free
To laugh and giggle with new joy
She remembers that she was happy
When she was with this boy

Now a man he loves her
And a world of sorrows drops away
Monsters and nightmares blur
They walk together into the day

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