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Wife gets a lesson on pastrami sandwiches
Something had been on Harvey's mind for quite a few years since moving to a small town in the country. His wife talked him into moving when they got married. She was a Midwest girl.

"What's wrong with you?" asked Sophie, his wife. You're so fidgety lately, always playing with your food like a little kid."

"Nothing really, just thinking about pastrami. Don't get me wrong, the grilled cheese and tomato soup you made were fine; but I crave a pastrami sandwich."

"That's your problem, a pastrami sandwich? Gosh, wish that's all I had to worry about. Pastrami sandwich, I've heard it all."

"Apparently you've never had one or you would understand."

Huh, apparently not Harvey, apparently not."

Sophie huffed off to finish dishes, shaking her head as she looked behind her. Was her husband reverting back to childhood?

Later that week Sophie went to town for groceries. Spotting the meat market she thought; I'll check and see if they have this patrami stuff.

"Can I help you?"

"Yes, I was wondering....well I know this is silly, but do you happen to have patrami?"

"Not silly at all Madam, of course we do, although we don't get much call for it out this way. By the way, it is pastrami. How much would you like?"

"Silly me I couldn't remember what he called it exactly. Yes, that's it. Ummm, just enough for a couple sandwiches I guess, maybe half a pound. My husband says he likes it, I've never tasted."

"I see, are you from these parts?"

"Yes, born and raised."

"That explains it then, pastrami is to die for in New York City, is that where your husband is from?"

"Why yes he is. He grew up there, but we met at college in Ohio. When we married, he moved here. He has a 'work at home' job. Of course we've been married 25 years now."

"I'm surprised he never took you back to New York for a visit. It really is worth the trip."

"We talked about it so many times, then put it off. You know how that goes; jobs, kids, commitments."

"Oh I do, I certainly do. I'm originally from New Jersey. Here's your package Madam. It was a pleasure talking to you. If you're interested, here is a little background for you. Pastrami was invented in Romania long before refrigeration. Mutton, pork, turkey, or beef was dried, then seasoned and preserved. It's very popular in most Jewish Delis and was first introduced to New York in the 1800's where it became very popular and still is today."

"Thank you for the meat and education. Perhaps I shouldn't have given my husband a hard time with his obsession over it. You have a good day, I'll be back again."

Sophie was pleased with herself and couldn't wait for tomorrow's lunch when she would surprise Harvey with a pastrami sandwich.

Harvey looked at the food Sophie put before him and then stared at her. "What is this?"

"A pastrami sandwich, I thought that was what you were craving?"

"That's not a pastrami sandwich. It should be hot pastrami and where's the rye bread?"

"Rye bread, rye bread, you ever said anything about that. This is a wrap, Harvey. It's the newest thing, everyone loves them."

"I appreciate the gesture dear, but this is NOT a sandwich."

"Oh for heaven's sake, Harvey, see if I do anything for you again. I'm so unappreciated."

"You know what Sophie? You're right and to show you my appreciation I'm going to take you on a little trip."

"A trip? Where?"

"To New York City of course, home of the pastrami sandwich.

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Prompt: Quest to find pastrami sandwich
Include argument over definition of sandwich
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