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A haiku dedicated to my personal favorite game system.
(I recently acquired a PS5, and decided to look back at the good times I've had over the years with some of my favorite gaming memories and characters. Seeing as Sony is a Japanese company, what better way to do so than in haiku? This is my first ever attempt at such a format, so don't be too harsh if you decide to review it. Enjoy!)

Busting crates with Crash
Purple dragon breathing flame
Lara finds lost crypt

Lombax and robot
Slaughtering gods with Kratos
Raccoon tricks vixen

Clickers and Bloaters
Finding lost treasure with Drake
Sackboy builds new thing

Aloy hunts machines
No one survives Until Dawn
Jin butchers Mongols

Beautiful design
Technological advance
Very hard to find

(What do you think? At the time of writing, the PS5 doesn't have many exclusive games, so I made the final verse about the system itself. I hope you enjoyed my first haiku. Have a good day, and keep on gaming!)

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