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by prashi
Rated: E · Short Story · Ghost · #2288568
a woman stuck in strange happening of her dream and reality.

' Run , Run, Run. I have to run. There is no other option except running ,so I have to....I think it is behind me, chasing me everywhere I go. Should I take a look whether it is .... Or not...no , no , no...why my legs are not with me! Trembling ,not a minute this shake stop... that thing was fireous , having unstructured figure...I dare to look behind. It was eyes ... its eyes.. only visible thing about it ...red. dark red as the color of blood ... around them was cold in its hard stare ... as if indicative as warning of something unexpectedly bad waiting for me... I can't feel my legs now ...I think I can't even stand. It's coming ... hearing me , very very near...now what to do... there is no one to help me out here. It is devastated area rubble here and there...I feel the slow wind on my face...now hard on my sides it is swooshing around me I think ..i heard crying now... a group of voices...I can not say what they are saying but I can identify them ... they are all shouting .. I cannot even hold ... it's intensity raise to higher.... ''
Beep , beep , beep. An alarm clock explode on her head .
A middle aged woman wake up.
'What is the time?' reaching her hand to alarm clock, hiding under her blanket.
After sometime, she, completely away from her sleep and dreamy world, while brushing her teeth. Thing about her 'Dream'. She is in intrigue now questioning herself. ' why this peculiar dream'. Though many time she saw the same dream but this time it is something different. Though she does not understand it.
At 8'o clock around , she is ready to go for her working place . while preparing breakfast for her hunsband, She talk with her children on videocall. They are bit chatty for her. she forget about her dream at that time.
She departure from her house to her workplace. On her way she see a poster. A horror movie poster. the ghost in poster is very similar to that creature that appeared in her dream. It made her heart throb.
At once a child around five or six bumped into her. the child is very adorable and an orphan. She ask him of his parents. He reply just moving his head left to right.
It used to happen. Sometime on her way to home from her working place and working place to home. She notice that child at same place, in same gesture standing in same direction and looking like same as that day.
she hardly convinced her husband to come with her to watch a movie ,what she found out on the poster she saw on that day. She search that on internet but she does not find my movie relating to that name. out of her curiosity , she goes to that place where she saw that poster and it was not there. On her way back to home she also looked at that child. This cay child is smiling at her. when she turned to look for that child , she found no one. She inquire about the child from nearby local shops. But the shop owner tell her that her description about the child matched with a girl, who died in a car accident nearby around a year. After hearing that, when she reach home. She find out that her husband is ready to go with her to watch a movie. She tells all these to her husband. Her husband laugh loudly as if it is a joke. He tell her that it may be because of the stress of work. Or might be dream, what she is supposing happening in real. Then he ask her the title of the movie. What she saw on the poster. she reply " A MIDDLE-AGED WOMAN DISCOVERS A GHOST".

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