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The first adventure of Lemuel Gulliver on the island of Lilli.
Lemuel Gulliver's Island Adventure
WC 200

The tiny arrow burrowed into Lemuel Gulliver’s left forearm.

“Holy hades that hurt!” he said to no one. “These Lilliputians are darn good shots!”

He could see the tiny men surrounding his encampment again. At least he was not tied down.

There is going to be trouble. I can feel it. Tiny trouble...but trouble all the same.

He pulled the lucky gold coin from his pocket, hoping to barter for his freedom.

A chubby Lilliputian waddled over from the group.

“Look. We don't want to kill you. Maybe hurt you a tad, but then let you move on away from this island.”

Gulliver held out the coin.

“Will this gold coin buy me my freedom without maiming me first?”

“Between you and me?”


The fat little man plucked the coin from Gulliver’s hand.

“Just between you and me. No one else.”


“Be off with you then. And don't come back!”

The explorer pulled the arrow from his bleeding arm and waded to his boat, which was anchored offshore.

He didn't look back until the tiny man at the edge of the sand was no longer visible.

But Gulliver would be back for more adventures. And…he would bring more coins.
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