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by Jinxx
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Written in 2005: A poem I wrote to get the feelings out.
Hate, Pain, Tears, Fears
Just a few things I always hear.
Hate is a feeling, always there.
Pain is the heart, the rusted blade tears.
Tears are the blood that is always shed.
Fear is your gift, when you find me dead.
Let it go, you worthless fool.
This was done, I'm not your tool.
You broke my heart, tore me apart.
Just let me die, I had a painful start.
Let them send me straight to hell.
A place where hate feels so well.
And let them know just how you feel
As your life rotates on this endless wheel
Let them slowly kill your soul
How I wish they reach their goal
Now the last thing that I say
Is someway you will have to pay
Leave me here, just to bleed
Blood's no longer what I need
There is nothing you will gain
Now it's your turn to know my pain
I want you to feel the hate
So I can sit and laugh at your fate
I want you to feel the pain
So my death won't be in vain
I want you to cry those tears
Let them fall and shed for years
I want you to fall into fear
Fear all the things you seem to hold dear
Now it's time to let it go
So I may die, all alone.
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