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by Espero
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A day interrupted by bears
I looked out the window and what did I see?
A mother bear with cubs was looking at me.
Now I know they say bears are 'in them there hills',
but to actually see them gave me the chills.

She decided to lay down and take a nap.
The cubs ran around so she gave them a slap.
I was fixed to the window, afraid she'd try,
to open the door, or at least come and spy.

My cute little puppy was still sound asleep.
I worried he'd wake and need out for a leak.
Should I call the police and have them come here,
or would they just tell me there's nothing to fear?

I decided to wait, how long could she stay?
The cubs snuck away cause they wanted to play.
Oh dear! Now they've noticed our nice swimming pool.
I grimaced as all three jumped in to get cool.

I'm glad they're enjoying their afternoon fun,
but I hope they go home before the day's done.
I need to make supper, but now I can't move.
There's just not a way I can get them removed.

I decided to call my husband on cell.
I'm afraid his advice just didn't go well.
He told me to creep out and bang pots and pans.
Really! What else could I expect from that man.

Guess I'll just stay put here until he comes home,
then meet him at the door with those pots of chrome.
Oh, and then I will send him out for fast food,
for his attitude put me in a bad mood.

Great! They're out of the pool, where will they go next?
Straight to the garbage can, now I am vexed!
I guess hubby will have some cleaning to do,
by the time he gets home and the bear's mess is through.

You know what? I'll go take a hot bubble bath.
When he comes, I'll sit at the window and laugh.
Of course, now the bears are lumbering away,
After ruining my perfectly fine day.

36 Lines
Prompt: Looking out the window you see something you just can't believe.
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