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“Take it outside. No fighting in the house!” Mom pushed the boys out the door.
Jake and Earl stood up, brushed off the snow. Jake found his mitten, Earl looked for his hat.

“This isn’t over yet,” declared Jake.

“You’re just lucky Mom kicked us outside. I can whoop you any kind of ways til Sunday.” Earl pushed his hat down and stood nose-to-nose with Jake.

Jake put the found mitten in a pocket, then held up his hands, one mitten on, one off. “Just go ahead and try, you wuss!”

They circled each other, just as they practice in the basement. Two gladiators ready to do battle. Round and round they went without a blow.

Finally they stopped.

“This is dumb. Let’s go inside and play Monopoly.”

Jake rubbed his hands together. “Agreed, my hands are frozen.”

“So you’re agreeing that I could’ve whooped you. You give up.” Earl smiled.

Jake pushed him down into a snow bank. “You gave up first. You’re the chicken.”

Mom came to the door when it got dark. The boys were still rolling around in the snow.

“Get in here, you crazy boys! Before you freeze to death!”

Jake pushed Earl, then Earl pushed Jake, to see who could get into the house first.

“This isn’t over yet!” declared Earl. “I want a rematch.

Mom stood guard and pushed them both back into the snow.

“Now, when you both decide to stop this, I’ll let you inside. Are you done fighting?”

Heads bowed, they both mumbled, “Yes, ma’am.”

“Good. You both missed supper. Up to baths then bed.”

Later, Jake leaned over the top bunk and whispered to Earl,
“This isn’t over yet. I want a rematch.”

W/C 284
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