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Valentines Repertoire A Musical Story
Naomi , in a red , long sleeveless glittering gown, towering 5 feet 10 inches, wearing high heeled red shoes with only a dangling Diamond earrings as jewelry, her long jet straight hair down below her shoulder , with her slender body, gracefully walked to the center stage with a wide and her most beautiful smile .

The live band of three musicians , a guitarist, a violin player and a pianist played the music of Besame Mucho tune as she held the microphone at her right hand, she started Singing with the highest notes :
" Besame , Besame Mucho
Que tengo miedo
A perderte, perderte despues "

She raised her left arm to the highest note and started swaying lightly ,
then continued singing in front of the 500 dining guests enjoying dinner with the moonlight by the poolside at
Eve's Kiosk Dive Resort, the favorite tourist destination at Panagsama Beach , Moalboal, Cebu , Philippines.

She threw kisses to the cheering crowd who suddenly was so quiet as she raised her voice on top of her lungs singing these lines in Pilipino language :

"Paano kita mapasasalamatan
Sapat na bang mahalin lang kita
Magpakailan pa man."
Meaning :
How can I thank you ?
Is it enough that I love you
Forever "

Then she lowered her voice as in a
whisper :
"Dearest One, I owe my life to you
You made my dreams come true
A million thanks to you."

She took a deep breath and sang with a smile in high notes :
" The day you came along
With your song
My heart began to sing, dear
A million thanks to you...
My love.......
Prolonged it to the highest notes that made everyone so amazed looking and watching at her singing style that looked so effortless inspite of the highest pitch of the song that she sang. Truly a lovely singing bird from this village that everybody love and admire because of her simple, respectful , humble , friendly and diplomatic manner that she maintained in her wonderful ways.

The crowd was mesmerized by the clarity and quality of her singing voice added with her most beautiful smile,
her medley of love songs truly made a Valentines Dinner very special.

" Happpy Valentines Everyone and Enjoy the rest of the Evening as I serenade you with LOVE Songs."
She saw in the crowd an old Japanese, a very good friend of her brother Nelson, Kumaki San , a scuba diver guide who brings divers and good business for her brother Nelson at his dive shop. Kumaki San was with fifteen Japanese couples enjoying the dinner show and were seated in two big round tables beside each other.

"Kumbanwa Kumaki San...
Irashaimasu ! "
Meaning : Good Evening and Welcome !
Naomi greeted him out of her few Japanese words that she learned through self -study.

" Hai. ! " Kumaki San replied.
"Naomi San ! Onegai Shimasu.
Japanese Song Kudasai.
Itsi...Arigatto Gozaimashta."
Meaning :
"Yes !
Naomi..Favor Please...
One Japanese Song
Thank You Very Much "

Naomi, bowed. Then , gave an eye signal to the Musicians who started playing the tune of "Here Is My Happiness" in Japanese language.

With closed eyes, Naomi started singing the high notes :
" Kimi wa taiyo rihi
Watashi wa ikiru
Kukuni sa chiari
Awo Uwe suura."

She continued in low notes as she opened her eyes and smiled to the audience.

"Arashi mohu kiba
Ami mu fuoro
Kukuni wa chiwa
Ami mu furu."
Then she gave the English narration in a very silent crowd.

"Stormy winds of life may blow
And even rain may fall
Though the clouds are dark above
Life will be bright for me
I will live..
I live for you alone
I live because
Because we have love
For darling, here lies
As glorious as the blue
Blue skies."

Then she belted in the highest notes :
" I live because of you only
I live because we have love
Kukuni sachiari
Awo uwe suura..."
She smiled and bowed.
She received a standing ovation and the Japanese couples 30 persons and Kumaki San Bowed three times.
Kumaki San moved forward to the stage where Naomi was standing.
He gave her a Red envelope in the presence of everyone. The fifteen couples followed one after the other.
They all gave her red envelopes, all
in total of 16 red envelopes.
Naomi was not able to say a word.
She only bowed three times to all of them.
As the Japanese guests were back to their seats properly, Naomi said her
Thank You in Japanese then Bowed.
"Domo Arigatto Gozaimasu "
Kumaki San announced :
" Inside the envelopes are money so Naomi can buy her dream Speed Boat that she wishes to use for her family's island hopping ! "

" WOW. ! " The crowd cheered and asked Kumaki San .
" You apeak fluent Japanese "
Kumaki San replied:
"Yes...I speak English very well.I have businesses all over Asia and America.
But I am no Yakuza.
I am a jolly good fellow. My wife is a Filipina , Naomi' s very good friend , Myra , she is watching this show with our three children in America, right now through my laptop."

The crowd cheered again, then complete Silence . The Musicians played another tune.

One of the waiters brought a red chair to the stage. He placed it in the center and made a quick exit. Naomi sat on the chair. She smiled facing the crowd whom at this time are enjoying their desserts. The Musicians played the tune "Someone Who Cares ". The spotlight was focused to a tall , Spanish looking gentleman. He was wearing a very white Barong, black pants, black shoes and walking slowly on the red carpet aisle on the way to the stage. He was holding a bouquet of 12 red roses. He moved to the direction where Naomi was seated, gave her the bouquet of roses, she accepted it and they kissed lips to lips in front of the applauding crowd. Then he held Naomi, s waist in his left arm and his right hand he held one of the microphones :
" Thank You Everyone for celebrating with Naomi and Me on our Wedding Anniversary, this Valentines Day.
We wish to share with all of you , our love song, "Someone Who Cares."

They held hands singing duet with feelings, with all the love in their hearts, feeling each word of the song.

"Someone who cares
Soneone who dares to love you
Someone who think all about you
And always be willing to share.

I made up my mind
That I gonna love you
I made in my heart
A soft place for you
Come lay with me and
Lay at ease
Sleep while the moment lives. "

The Musicians played the tune as they both stopped singing.
The spotlight was focused to a lady walking down the aisle on the way to the stage bringing with her a gift package in red with nice ribbons.
She sang on the way to the stage:
"Someone who gives
Someone who lives
Inside you
Someone who be strong
Beside You
Through All the days that
We live..."
She reached the center stage kissing them both and placing their right hands in her forehead.

Naomi announced :
"Ladies and gentlemen, our one and only child, our daughter, Attorney Cathy."
A standing ovation.
Then the three of them sang :
"Let me call you Sweetheart
Let me call of You
Let me hear you whisper
That You love me too."

Attorney Cathy on solo:
"Keep the love light glowing
Till your whole life through

Then the three of them singing:
"Let me call you Sweetheart
Let me call of You.."
Naomi, in highest notes :
"Let me call you Sweetheart
Let me call of You".
They bowed...
A warm applause..

Her husband and her daughter went back to their assigned dining table and Naomi remained seated in front of the stage. She announced :
" Ladies and gentlemen , My next piece is a very special song for a very special person in my life. This person is a true winner in every aspect of living. She is an epitome of a truly blessed person. This person is my forever hero. This person is always there when I needed this person most. This person possesses a heart of gold.
This song is especially for the owner of this place, Eve's Kiosk Dive Resort, no other than my dearest sister Evie Vergara Abenido Malig-on.
Complete Silence as the camera light was searching for Eve.. Then , she
was spotted at the buffet tables ordering the food service to replenish the dishes that were eaten most. She waved her hand as the light focus on her and the crowd was applauding, yelling, "We Love You Eve ! Thank You for the delicious meals". She smiled in return and a chair was given to her in the right side of the buffet table where she was busy attending.

The music played.
Naomi started in very high notes.
" Did you ever know that you're my
You're everything, everything I wish
I could be...
I can fly higher than an eagle. You are the wind beneath my wings."

She sang these lyrics twice in the highest notes with a clear and distinct vpice and the crowd was so quiet you can hear a needle being dropped..
Before the last line, she adlib :

"Thank You Manang Evie for all the love that you gave, give and will always give to me."
Then continued singing and made a bow after the song.
The people were teary -eyed as they gave a thundering applause.

After that number Naomi announced:
This is my last but not the least song in this very special Valentines Night.
She stood closer to the edge of the stage to be nearer to her audience...Then she came down the aisle stood at the center and announced: "This song is for all of us, an old love song that I always love to sing."

She sang "Love Is A Many Splendored Thing" with all her heart and soul. Then bowed.

The guests moved to her location one by one giving her roses, gifts in ribbon tied and so many red envelopes with cash. They were all her friends and family. Some came from Spain, Kuwait Sweden, France, Cambodia, and other countries whom her daughter and husband as well as herself invited them for a free buffet dinner complete with all the amenities of fine dining in celebration of their Wedding Anniversary..

Everyone in the family contributed their part to make this very special occasion an affair to remember.

Then , Naomi sang the last song of the night. She announced :
"Friends and Family, this last song for this special evening is especially dedicated to those in one way or another wish to be with us but for a very valid reason cannot make it..This song is For You."

The Musicians played the tune and Naomi sang in deepest emotion to a very silent crowd.
" This one 's for you whereever you
are..They say been the same since
we have been apart

This one is for you, whereever you
This one is for you
This one's for You.."
She made a bow...
In a standing ovation who gave her a warm applause....

To be continued...
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