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You know, deep down, that this world has forgotten to be the Love it deserves to be.
1 Dream of Love
Nothing in this experience is real. You're dreaming right now.
I've seen reality, or rather felt it, and believe me: it's nothing like this. For one thing, time isn't real, but let's come back to that because it's only half true. And when I said reality is nothing like this, that was also only half true. Everything in this dream is like a distortion of something in the real world, in the home of the Gods - in your home.
We may have difficulty remembering our real lives while we're stuck in this dream state but where you live, everything is perfect. Beauty is eternal and love is the only currency worth using. Those who cannot produce enough of it are seen as sick and given medical treatment to help them be the way they're supposed to be: loving. Those who are rich, well... Imagine if a prostitute was an ultra happy person who walked around hugging everyone who looked sad. That's a rich person in reality.
Well you might be wondering how society functions with no currency, as we see it in this world, and it's actually very simple. Because everyone loves each other, we want to help each other. People make food because they love doing so, growing plants or bringing the harvest to those who are hungry. Yes there are other jobs but there's nothing that people don't like to do, those all got phased out a long time ago. See, if no one wants to do this job then it shouldn't be part of our society, so we grew out of it and found alternatives. That's part of evolving a healthy and happy society. But for the most part, people find things they like doing that serve society in some way, and everyone is happy doing what they do, or they find something else.
Those sick people I mentioned, the ones who can't produce enough love, they're seen as crippled - unable to be truly happy in their hearts. They get brought to camps where they can be given therapy and medicine, hugged and cuddled, encouraged to create something pretty for themselves. In our dream world, our hospitals and prisons and mental facilities and crap like that, those are all nasty distortions of these health camps. In the real world, a person's freedom cannot be taken from them, although some people are bound just a little to prevent them from hurting themselves, and those people are held in the warmest hugs you can imagine until they're feeling better.
In our world there are those who wish to leave this dream, to wake up. They long to go home, to escape the pain of being trapped in this nightmare. And we tend to label these people as insane, suicidal, we can't understand why they would want to get away from this place, because we don't realize how far away they've fallen from the love they want to live in. We take their freedom, even restrain them physically or chemically, and it's heartbreaking. Where is the compassion they would be met with back home? We can't remember what it was like to hold these poor souls and help them remember how to find the love inside themselves.
When people talk about angels or deities, they're talking about the rest of our own species. See, when we sleep we end up in this collective dream state where we are share this delusion of being stuck in these wars, being broken hearted, in love, joyous frolicking on playgrounds and so on. There are special doctors who tend to us while we sleep, who provide us nourishment when we start hurting. And these doctors, we call them the Gods. Angels of mercy. They help our real bodies sustain us as we sleep, by nourishing us with the energy we need.
When we feel a sense of lack, a sense of need, what we’re actually experiencing is a longing, a chasm grows inside us when we stay away from our home for too long. Sometimes we let this feeling infect other aspects of our existence in this world, we end up becoming lonely, afraid, destitute. We don’t know why we end up this way, but suddenly there’s this area of our lives that has a complete lack of fruition, fulfilment or abundance. We begin to struggle to pay our needs, or to reach out for connection with others, we feel suffocated beneath our apparent inability to achieve what we know deep down we deserve, we have a right to claim for ourselves but somehow we can’t find it in ourselves to reach out and make it happen. This happens because we’ve drifted too far from the truth of who we are, we’ve forgotten that abundance and love are our birthright, our inheritance as divine beings. As seeds planted by the gods, we are born with the right to prosperity in this little garden of ours, yet we do not know how to embody this, because we do not know how to embody ourselves.
If we reach out to the gods they can help us repair this imbalance, to rectify the lack we experience in our dreams, but only if we are able to let go of the painful distortions that hold us back from achieving the completion of our dreams. Our minds try so hard to create what they wish while in this dreamscape but because they hold onto these painful memories, these false identities and beliefs, there is simply too much space in our energy fields being consumed by these delusions of separation, isolation, helplessness, despair, lack and abandonment. Somewhere inside we feel we’re being punished, we fear we’ve been rejected from paradise and we can’t see that we are preventing our own salvation by clutching onto the painful nightmares we’re creating instead of choosing to rise and build the wonderful dreams we intended to when we came here, when we fell asleep.
This is what the gods help us to address inside ourselves, the illusion of lacking our own divinity. They ask us to shed the belief that we cannot create our reality as we choose to but often their words, their ideas go misunderstood because we hear them through a distorted lens of untruth. Our beliefs limit our ability to comprehend the reality they wish to remind us of, and therefore we believe they are reprimanding us or expecting us to repay some debt we cannot see - further punishment for the crimes we feel deep down we’ve committed without understanding why or how. If only we could hear the sweetness of their voices, we would know they are calling us home, but we only hear them at the level we are capable to meeting them at, and from here we struggle to see things from the perspective they wish us to meet them from.
If we have felt a lack of love in our lives, a loneliness we cannot seem to break free of, we may call on these gods of love to help us, and when they reach out to us they will ask us to look within and find the places where we resist the experience of being loved. They remind us that deep inside we feel unworthy, cast out, rejected and scorned. But we cannot see that this is why we create this lack in our lives and we may feel they are pointing to our unworthiness to remind us that we cannot be loved at all. This may deepen our feelings of abandonment and so we begin to distance ourselves from the gods once again, lest they become angry and take more from us. If only we could see that they are pointing us to something that we need to remove from our bodies, like cutting out a tumor from our emotions, we would know that they want us to experience the love we seek, but we cannot see that we are creating the lack because we believe ourselves unworthy of ecstatic rushes of passion and deep, unconditional love that we feel we so desperately lack, yet need so unbearably.
Instead we may choose to explore what they tell us, to greet their messages with an open heart and a willingness to redefine our own perceptions of ourselves and of the world around us. If we question what they show us, rather than taking it at face value, we will find ourselves looking inward and rejecting the notion that we do not deserve love, rejecting this loneliness and claiming for ourselves the belief that we are inseparable from our right to be loved at the deepest levels. Therefore we choose to begin creating a reality in which we experience the love we wish to, and in so doing we step back into our divine light, we become closer to the gods and more able to see and hear as they wish us to. We begin to remember that we have always had the ability to choose for ourselves how and when we receive the love we crave.
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