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Allien Visitors Writer’s Cramp

Allien Visitors Writer’s Cramp

         This morning I looked out my window from the 17th floor of my apartment in Gimpo, Korea, and saw an alien spaceship landing on the rooftop next building over. Then I noticed on the intercom three of the aliens were at the door. Dressed in a silver suit, he looked like the classic alien of Sci-Fi movies. I let them in and offer them coffee and then asked what they wanted from me.

         They said

         We are a big fan of your blog, the world according to cosmos, and felt you would be a good person for our first official contact with human beings we also know as a retired US diplomat you can help facilitate meetings with your leaders.

         I got on the phone with the US Embassy and the aliens agreed to meet with the US Ambassador at my house. The Ambassador and his staff came over and they had a long conversation with the aliens. The aliens wanted to establish diplomatic and trading relations with the planet earth through the United Nations, but they would open consulates in the top 25 countries around the world including the US and South Korea.

         They wanted to import beer, coffee, marijuana, whiskey, and wine – they said that we make the best beer, coffee, marijuana, whiskey, and wine in the galaxy. In return, they would teach the people of earth the secrets of interstellar travel, and the cure for most of our chronic diseases. They would also teach us the secrets of fusion power which would end our addiction to fossil fuels and solve climate change. They would also offer a thousand scholarships a year for earth students to study on their homeworld and they would send a thousand of their students to our earth universities as well.

         They agreed to meet with the G 20 leaders at the UN in a week and the meantime they would be my house guests.

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