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by Espero
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Was it real or a dream?
Do I believe in fairies? Maybe.

One warm, sunlit day I took a walk. A path led into the forest which became thicker and darker. It had a luminescent glow, but I plodded along.

Hearing a crackling in the brush I stopped, then turned to go back. The path was gone. Yellow eyes stared at me. I glanced for a stick to defend myself. The creature, big as a bear, looked wolf-like. It glared, then pulled back its red lips to show sharp teeth. I knew this was the end and closed my eyes. Nothing happened.

I opened one eye. Its tail was facing me as if beckoning to follow. Where was it taking me? Maybe it's lair. I could hear a noise growing louder then saw a clearing the likes of which I have never seen before. Green sprinkled with every flower imaginable lay before us fed by a bubbling brook.

The creature stopped and sat on his haunches. I, oddly sat beside it. A buzzing sound came from the sky. Hundreds of tiny things flew in the air. Some landed on mushrooms, others amidst the flowers. The creature held up his paw and one landed on it. I realized they were fairies. The creature's toothy face seemed to be smiling. I held out my hand and a fairy hovered over my palm; then dropped a little flower there. The creature stood and lumbered away. I followed.

Behind me the path and fairyland were gone. All was dark except the illuminated path before us. Finally, the creature disappeared. I sighed in relief and continued but soon became very sleepy and sat to rest alongside a tree. When I woke, I was at the edge of the woods where I had entered.

In my palm was a little flower.

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Prompt: Do you believe in fairies?
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