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Always in the friend zone. Feeling sorry.
I look and I stare (Shaking my head)
I ponder and I wonder (What for?)
I fantasize and tantalize (With all my heart)
I check you out without your consent. (I’m pathetic!)
Your ample buttocks, is what my hand desires to cup. (Among other things)
Such naughty thoughts that run through my mind (I can be bold, if you only knew)
What can be done? (Not a thing)
My thirst will never be quenched (As you see)
Which is fine (I guess)
Especially since Cupid decided to only hit me, with its stupid arrow. (Dumb baby)
That’s how it goes (Not again)
It seems that this happens to me very often (Always!)
I’m sick of it! (Duh!)
Just take these feelings back! (I don’t want them)
They are useless (As usual)
YES! (Uh-huh)
I’m frustrated (Can’t you tell)
Why does this always happen to me? (I don’t know)
Why can’t I ever get it right (Will I ever?)
What am I doing wrong? (Beats me)
What am I not getting? (It’s a mystery)
Geeze! (Bless you)
I must be doing something wrong. (Maybe?)
I get how this works, I am in the friend zone (Again)
I just wish I was more like him, so nonchalant. (Not a care in the world)
To be able to look at him and feel nothing. (I can only hope)
So, that’s it. (End of this chapter)
What a waste (Next!)
And that is all I have to say! (I said what I said and I don’t regret it.)
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