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It's a matter of perspective
I have lived up north *Home*
And also down south;
This topic was chosen
Through a word of mouth. *BigSmile*

Up north, storms come and go -
Snow is often measured in feet; *Snow4* *Snow2*
If it's exceptionally bad,
You cannot find the street. *FacePalm*

Down south, it's altogether different
The weather is usually mild. *Sun*
But once in a great while,
Mother Nature goes wild. *Wind*

A few inches, of rain, sleet and snow *CloudSnow*
Will give many Southerners pause;
The grocery store shelves are emptied *Shock2*
"The weather" is the cause.

The Northerners laugh *Rolling*
The Southerners are reflective; *Thinker*
Being snowbound
Truly is a matter of perspective.

Word Count - 98
Line Count - 20

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Write about someone being snowbound.
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