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Snow Bound During the Alien Invasion
Stuck in the Snow during the Alien Invasion

         Jason Lee, his wife, Maria Kim, and their two children ages 8 and 10 are driving late on a winter’s day when they encounter a huge snowstorm their car is stuck in the snow, and it is freezing outside. They are just outside the town of Eagle Creek where they were going to visit Jason’s uncle who lived there just outside of Medford along a country road.

         They see a little cabin in the Pines and hike over to it to seek shelter. Furthermore, they find the cabin empty with the door wide open and things scattered about, including left-over dinner. With a note in a strange language with an English translation below it

         “This house has been sanitized by the forces of the Empire. The inhabitants have been taken away for questioning. Long Live the Empire.”

         Wondering what that all meant, they decided they had no choice but to spend the night. Fortunately, there was still power, the stove worked, and there was some food. And they saw a hunter’s gun.

         They got their provisions out and prepared dinner.

         Then they saw them coming in the distance. Five rough-looking people decided that they had no choice but to pull out the gun and defend themselves.

         The five men came to the house, saw the cabin, and Jason pointed a gun at them and said,

         “relax man. Put the gun down. We are here for the same reason you are. We are fleeing the aliens. It looks as if they already cleaned this place out and took the owner away, so who are you?”
         Jason said,
“We got stuck in the snowstorm and were looking for shelter. Then we saw this sign. What’s going on?”

         The leader of the five men introduced himself as Matt and said that they were hunters staying down at the cabin a bit further in preparing to go on their annual winter hunting trip. They were living in the nearby town of Eagle Creek.
         Jason asked if they knew his uncle. Matt laughed and said,
“the old coot. Lives alone in his haunted mansion. Yeah, we know him. He is crazy.”
         Jason went on,
“          Okay now tell us about the aliens.”

         “Well, while you were getting stuck in the snow, ships appeared everywhere, dislodging alien creatures who went door to door rounding people up. According to CNN, the aliens have taken over the earth for the Galactic Empire. The aliens are everywhere but I am surprised they made it to the Medford Area. CNN has been taken over by the aliens, and so all we hear now is how great the aliens are and that everyone should look forward to joining them in building a new world order. The chief of the aliens is a ferocious giant spider calling himself General Zero. They have taken over Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, and Medford. Washington, DC has been destroyed. The President capitulated and was executed on TV along with hundreds of world leaders.

         We were planning on heading up into the mountains to seek other survivors who are fleeing for their lives but the storm was stranded up too. So let’s work together. We can check on your uncle in the morning.”
         Jason and his wife asked for a moment alone, and the five men withdrew.
         Jason said,
         “I don’t trust them, but they may have a point. Let’s agree to join them but keep our wits about us.”

         The snow continued throughout the night, and they decided that the best course would be lying low until the next morning, when hopefully the weather would improve, and they can get their vehicles out of the snow and head further into the mountains.
         Jason noticed that the cabin had an old fashion Ham radio, and they turned it on and heard
“Americans patriots. If you hear this, head east to Klamath Falls, where the resistance is forming. The major cities have fallen in LA, SF, Portland, Seattle, and even Medford.
         Over the next few days, the men and Jason Lee’s family bonded, and they agreed to trust each other and head to Klamath, but they might have to hike through the mountains in the snowy weather. The hunters were prepared. They took what they could and found Hunter’s Trucks, and they took off. Jason’s car was completely dead, and they left it behind.

Write about someone being snowbound.

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Write about someone being snowbound.

note a potential chapter in my Giant Nazi Spider novel - a work in progress.
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