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A poem about my biological clock
I can hear the sound of the ticking of the clock
Telling me my time is near
I need to get things clear
All this brings much fear

I can hear it pounding away day by day
Telling me time is getting away
Older I get the louder it sounds
It is like a thousand machine gun rounds

The clock I speak of is not real
Is the biological one that is found in a woman
It tells us that we need to reproduce
That is is our duty and cross to bear

No one tells us when we are young
That this clock really works
Only that we need to think about child birth
To expand our ancestral line

Now at thirty-six the sound is unbearable
It hits me in the heart and controls the thoughts in my mind
All day and night I think how I have done things wrong
Now I am stuck in time

I waited to long to get my chance
I Tried to hard to make it land
Over and over I have tried but my body
Now that is what has set me back

This started to fall apart
The body is tapping out a little too soon
No flow comes monthly
It has stopped so abruptly

Since I was small I only had one wish
To be a mom and have small kids
But as the time is flying past
This dream was not meant to last

I can hear the ticking of the Clock
It drives me insane
I can feel the heartache
It is etched in my brain

I can hear the ticking of the clock
It is getting louder here
It is in control now
I shed some tears

I feel broken and less of a woman now
The depression of failing is stronger somehow
The damn clock keeps ticking away harmoniously
Be if it was to ever stop it would mean time gave up on me.

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