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A poem about divorce
I hear you say it is not the same
I'm Sorry we are not so close
Times changes things
It slides us around
Plays with emotions and often makes us lose control

Small things start to dig at the soul
Once loved and admired now is ice cold
The laugh once thought as sexy is now cringe worthy and bold
What was once seen as cute has now gotten real old

Time moves on and the hold once there
Is slowly fading away
Love once so deep
Is now just a thin ring around the heart

What once felt like comfort
Is now a noose around the neck
Choking you slowly
Until there is no breath left

Once a fairy-tale love
Is now like walking across broken glass
You struggle to survive
You just want to get by

You try to make it work
You try to keep your feelings hidden inside
But actions speak louder than any words
So what you have now is falling apart

Like time it is moving on
You admit it is over and you must mover forward
Always I will love you but no longer am I in love
Divide Possessions and say good bye

Tears may be shed
But truth will set us free
In all reality
It was not you it was really me

Happiness was found
It was meant for alone time
Time said to spread my wings
No need to continue to hide

To do so I needed freedom
This was not because you did not try
It was because I needed to live life
Move forward in my own time!
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