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Story about the Sarmatians.
The wind howled through the steppe, whipping at the faces of the Sarmatian warriors as they rode on horseback. Their leader, a fierce woman named Aelis, urged her mount forward, her eyes scanning the horizon for any sign of their enemies.

For years, the Sarmatians had been at war with the Roman Empire, their territories constantly threatened by the expansionist ambitions of the empire. But Aelis and her people were determined to protect their land and their way of life, no matter the cost.

As the warriors crested a hill, they finally saw their enemy: a vast Roman army, their armor and weapons glinting in the sunlight. Aelis felt a fierce determination rise within her as she urged her horse forward, signaling for her warriors to charge.

The battle was brutal and fierce, the Sarmatians outnumbered but fighting with all their might. Aelis swung her sword with precision, cutting down Roman soldiers left and right. But despite their bravery, the Sarmatians were slowly being pushed back.

Just as all seemed lost, a horn sounded in the distance. Aelis and her warriors turned to see a group of their allies, a neighboring tribe, charging towards the Romans. Together, the two tribes fought with renewed vigor and were able to drive the Romans back, securing a hard-won victory.

Panting and wounded, Aelis and her warriors returned to their camp, where they were met with cheers and celebrations. They had saved their land, their people, and their way of life, but the war with the Romans was far from over. Aelis knew that they would have to keep fighting, to keep protecting what was theirs. But for now, they would rest and celebrate their victory.
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