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about a person who is thinking about change. The world is at war on their last day alive.
My thoughts they crash, and clatter.
By the end of the day. My thoughts they're scattered. Like a headache that never ends. When one is over another commends.
With all that my mind slowly comprehends.

That the seasons are changing, so am I.
As if it were yesterday I had the eagles eye. Noticing everything,
without having to try. Now here I am my luck has gone dry.
Many things have changed. That I won't deny. It has been 5 weeks
since I have even cried.

What if the clouds disappear from the sky, would
we see into outer space? What if the sun disappears, and dies.
That'll be the end of the human race. At this point my hands are tied.
One day soon my luck will run dry. Then I will loose my sight.

Today is the last day of my life. tonight I will move on to the afterlife.
I'll say good bye while the place is up in flames, while everyone is war it's
the Government to blame. While bullets fly from the sky blood will rain.
At the final moment I'll take my final cry.

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