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Epic Retirement Road Trip

Epic Retirement Road Trip

38 lines

Sam Adams said to his wife, Maria Lee
As he began his retirement,

“Let's celebrate the ending of my diplomatic career
By really seeing America
Let’s drive across the country and back.”

Thus began their epic retirement road trip
One of the best and most inspirational
Of all his road tips ever.

Starting in April 2016 and Ending in July 2016
They drove 10,000 miles, visited 35 states
Drove through many cities and rural towns as well
Seeing the sights .

Saw numerous national parks
Saw The Badlands, Devil’s Tower, Grant Tetons,
In Yellowstone, they had an almost close encounter
With a Mama Grizzly bear
They saw Bison, Deer, Elk, Hawks,
Moose, and Prairie dogs.

Started in DC, drove to Florida, stayed a week
Then hit the road to see America
Driving the interstates and rural highways,

Seeing the sheer diversity
And disparity of America
As they drove through
The rural back country roads.

Spend a month in Oregon
Before resuming their epic trip back

Feeling like they were driving
Through a fourth-world landscape
In some towns the nearest grocery store
Was 50 miles to 100 miles away.

They realized that the former guy
would win simply by showing up,
In every little town across the land,
It seemed that he was everywhere.

NEW PROMPT DUE 16 hours 6 minutes 34 seconds
In Tarot the number 21 is related to the "The World" card. One of the many meanings of this card is that it represents an ending to a cycle of life, a pause in life before the next big cycle.

Write your STORY or POEM about someone who is experiencing the end of one cycle of life just before the next cycle begins. It could be going from single to married (or married to divorced); graduating; changing jobs; moving; retiring, etc. Be creative, and you must use Inspirational as one of your genres. 
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