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by Malex
Rated: E · Fiction · Comedy · #2289288
Second Session Updated with less grammar mistakes and apologies for the inconvenience.
Anime Interviewer

Second Session:

Malex: "Welcome back everybody and thank you for your patience. Now to our next guests. Some of our next guests today were very dangerous people during the series and some people called them very broken characters, and they have caused a lot of troubles in the series for Konoha and the other Nations. Our dear audience please greet our guests. They are: Madara Uchiha, Obito Uchiha, Hashirama Senju, Tobirama Senju and lastly Onoki."

Everyone came out of the hall into the spotlights and the interviewer tried to shake hands with them. The studio was shaking with excitement of the audience applauses.

Madara: "So noisy. Let's just get this over with. I don't have a lot of time for you."

Madara ignored the hand that was stretched out from the interviewer and has an expression of boredom on his face.

Hashirama: "Don't be like that Madara. Let's enjoy this interview. Nice to meet you Mr.. ??"

Malex: "My name is Malex."

Hashirama: "Nice to meet you Mr. Malex. Thank you for having us today."

He shook the interviewer hands with casual smile on his face while being apologetic for Madara. Then he looked at the audience and saw his granddaughter, Tsunade.

Hashirama: "Oh is that you Tsunade."

He was shouting her name from a far and waved his hand to her.

Tsunade: "Hello Grandpa"

She waves back to him with happy face.

Obito: "Nice to meet you."

Obito shook the interviewer hands as mutual respect.

Tobirama: "Hi. I have question why did you invite me with two of the Uchiha family? You probably know me that I don't have friendly relationship with them."

Tobirama didn't like the idea of being together with two Uchihas and was asking the question with disgusted expression on his face.

Madara glared at him and spoke.

Madara: "Do you want me to kick your ass again."

With threating tone and with dark look coming from his eyes as if he doesn't care about killing a person.

Tobirama: "Try it if you can."

Tobirama responds with threating facial expression that looks as if hate was manifested in front of the audience. Their chakras were starting to overflow the studio.

Obito: "What a troublesome people."

Obito had the expression of being bored and breathed out a long sigh at the situation as if he saw this scenery multiple times to the point that it became boring instead of being worried that someone might die.

Hashirama: "You two stop acting like children and behave we are in front of people, you know!"

Hashirama got between them and separated them from each other. They stopped fighting, but Madara and Tobirama their face was filled with confusion as if there is something not right and they both turned toward the interviewer and Madara asked him.

Madara: "Hey Interviewer or whatever your name was. What is this building? Is there something in it?"

Asked the interviewer as if he was his servant and with a commanding tone.

Malex: "Yes there is something in it. Why are you asking?"

The interviewer answered without showing any expression of fear in his eyes.

Madara: "Because I wasn't able to do any Jutsu or control my chakra properly."

Malex: "Well, of course we already took precautions in case of people like you try to destroy our studio just for your selfish reasons. So yeah, violence is not allowed in any way in this vicinity. So, try to be careful and be respectful to the people around. I know that you can and force yourself to break the rule, but I wouldn't recommend that because you will be severely punished by me no questions asked. So please just keep that in mind."

The interviewer spoke with a threating tone and showed just a little of the chakras that he has and has smile that can be described as sending chills down your spine.

Madara: "Oho.. So, you are someone interesting I see. And don't order me around, I will do whatever I want."

Madara was surprised from the strong chakra that came from the interviewer and stopped arguing with Tobirama. He noticed that he is making a fool of himself in front of the people if he continues.

Tobirama: "I see. That's why I couldn't cast any Jutsu either. Well, whatever let's just get to this interview."

Malex: "Thank you for your understanding and also thank you Mr. Hashirama for stopping them."

The situation was calmed down and the interviewer gave a gratitude to Hashirama.

Hashirama: "Your welcome my friend. Tobirama next time don't act like a child in front of everyone you should be more careful you know."

Hashirama didn't mind helping the interviewer and gave Tobirama a scolding as if he was a little kid.

Tobirama: "Hmph."

Ignoring Hashirama scolding and sat on the chair with crossed arms around his chest.

Onoki: "Give me a break. These people they really are short tempered wouldn't you say Mr. Hashirama?"

Hashirama: "Yeah you are correct and what was your name?"

Onoki: "My name is Onoki I was the Third Tsuchikage. Nice to meet ya again."

Hashirama: "Nice to meet you Onoki."

Onoki and Hashirama said hi to each other and reintroduced themselves. They were in sync with the same thoughts about the incident that could have happened.

Onoki: "Also nice to meet you Mr. Malex"

Onoki shook hands with the interviewer as mutual respect for him.

Malex: "Now that's everyone has been seated and we are relaxed. Let's get to this interview. For our first question which is, how do you feel about the Naruto Shippuden series ending in general?"

Hashirama: "I think the journey was a lot of fun for all of us and we all had fun during this journey. It was a good and happy ending."

Tobirama: "I think it was an ok series and not a lot of fun. I am not that type of person to be excited very much like my stupid brother here."

Hashirama: "You are being shy Tobirama, just be honest that you had fun during the series."

Hashirama was teasing Tobirama and poking his cheek with his index finger.

Tobirama: "Stop it or I am gonna have to punch you."

There was a little blush that can be seen on his face.

Hashirama: "Ok I will stop"

Madara: "I had fun in the journey, specifically on the episodes where I fought the Tailed beast and when I met Hashirama in his revived state. It was fun while it last, but most of the time I got really bored at the beginning, since I didn't come out until later in the series. So it was very boring just waiting to be revived and waiting for Obito here to do something about it because he was too slow on the job."

Obito: "Well we had a lot of problem fighting strong shinobi from Konoha and had some betrayal happening in the Akatsuki. You should be happy that we even revived you."

Madara: "So you will still be a traitor to the end huh."

Obito: "Well of course since you are one of the reasons that I became a bad person and manipulated me this whole time. I was so satisfied when you were betrayed by black Zetsu, that's what you get for your bad deeds. Now, let's skip this conversation for later we are getting outside of the subject. I think ending the series was a good choice because that's how it should have ended and congratulation Naruto on your Marriage. I thank you from my heart for helping me out."

While Madara and Obito were arguing. Obito was smirking at Madara satisfied by his betrayal against him but then changed the subject and answered the interviewer question and congratulated Naruto on his Marriage with an energetic smile on him.

Naruto from the audience seat: "You are welcome. Let's hang out later after this you know."

Naruto replied to him while he was sitting with audience. Waving his hand to Obito and screaming from a far.

Obito closed his eyes with a genuine smile on his face and waved his hand to Naruto and his friends they also waved back.

Onoki: "It was great journey even though I was not introduced until episode 199 and later at the war arc that I have shined during these episodes. So yeah, Congratulations on finishing the Naruto Shippuden Series even though its bit late about it."

Malex: "Thank you everyone for your answers. Our next question is directed toward Mr. Madara. Which fight is the most fight that you really felt excited can you tell us please?"

Madara: "There are two fights that I really enjoyed. One is against Hashirama and the second is against that Taijutsu master. I almost died from him, if I have not transformed and taken the tailed beasts. It was my first time witnessing something like this by only using taijutsu. By the way what is his name?"

Madara was speaking with his casual tone of voice and asked question about the name of the mysterious Taijutsu user that he fought in the series with curious look on his face.
Malex: "Might Guy. He is currently watching your interview from the audience seats."

Madara: "Might Guy I will remember this name."

He Looked at him and said to him while screaming.

Madara: "Let's have another fight later."

Guy just Ignored him seems not interested.

Hashirama: "So there was another strong shinobi from Konoha on par with me and a taijutsu user! That's interesting."

Hashirama didn't know that there was strong shinobi that was on par strength with Madara and he had curious expression on him.

Malex: "The next question is also to Mr. Madara what ability you used when you first stopped Sasuke in the air and killed him. I am very curious on how you stopped him midair?"

Madara: "I used Limbo which is basically a projection that I cast on myself and create shadows by using the Rinnegan. They are in an invisible world that coexists with the physical world but that is ordinarily impossible to detect or perceive unless if you have Rinnegan like the one I have or the one that Sasuke had as you have seen already."

Malex: "Thank you again for your answer. Next question is about faith. Does believing in God gives us the feeling of safety and improves our situation or not? What is your opinion on this matter?"

Madara: "I don't believe in any of that, because I became a god that nobody can kill except when black Zetsu betrayed me and hit me in weak point. I only believe in the things that I enjoy, and I just enjoy my life to the fullest."

Malex: "But first you know trying to become a god it is not possible for anyone in the whole world because you can't become God. God created you and knew everything. You can see that from the way that you got betrayed it's because you brought it upon yourself Mr. Madara. Also, if you were honest from the beginning with Obito and you really thought about why you are trying to make a world peace. It is because that's not your business to make a world peace and that's nobody business to make the world safe. You are only responsible about yourself and if you can help people within your capability that also count as good deed toward you and a good thing to do. You thought that creating a world peace by genjutsu is the best solution which is not because you are forcing your ideas upon other people, and you don't have the right to do so. What happened is that you used your powers for doing evil things and you killed a lot of people without caring about their family or anything with the excuse that you are doing this because you are trying to create a world peace. You are killing people to make a world peace its contradicting. Do you see how bad this thinking is. If you have not let your emotion, get the better of you and you were able to control it and used your power for the good, the world that you wished for could have happened."

Madara: "You might be correct about this statement, and I let my arrogance took control of me and thinking I am always the best and nobody is stronger than me. I can see your point, if I have behaved and trained Obito to be a better person this whole situation could have been avoided and nothing bad could have happened and I was deceived from black Zetsu because I deserved it and that's how it should be."

Surprisingly enough Madara was not irritated from the interviewer reply and he was very calm and admit his mistake.

Malex: "I apologize if I was harsh with my argument, it is just a lot of people I saw in my life are trying to be heroes or wanted to fix people which is not how it should be. Another thing I want to clarify is, nobody has an excuse whatever was your childhood. You don't have an excuse to become a villain because there are more people that went through horrible childhood more than you, but instead of becoming a villain, they became heroes and I am not saying that you shouldn't become a hero that everyone talks about, just don't let it control your life as if it is something you must do. That's what I meant to say."

Hashirama: "I agree on that point. You should always be strong and have faith in yourself. For me I don't believe in God, but I think that when you believe in something it gives you strong will power and will let you keep moving forward. Whatever happens to you, try, and change your way of life to the better that's your responsibility to make your life happy and healthy."

Hashirama agreed with the Interviewer opinion and gave similar advice to the people with an expression of kindness on his face.

Obito: "There is some sense to what you just spoke and I agree on the some of the point where if you believe in something it will always give you the feeling of safety and be stronger to not give up on your dreams. I have faith in my friends, that's what I want to believe in."

Malex: "But Mr. Obito you know believing in your friends or having faith in people in genenral instead of God you will always be stressed when they are gone from your life or if they betrayed you, it would have huge impact on you and I believe you already felt that. You had trauma that made you an evil person because of this. Isn't it better for you to believe that there is a God and have faith that whatever happens its always for the best for you and everyone else. On the other hand, if you don't have this faith then you will start getting depressed and your emotion will take control of you, and you will lose your way through out your life. It will take some time for you to go back to the correct way isn't it so?"

The interviewer interjected with Obito's reply and argued with his opinion speaking in his normal tone while trying to clarify his point of view on the matter.

Obito: "I can't deny what you just said. But yes, you are making sense to me because it already took a lot of time and episodes for Kakashi and Naruto to bring me back from the depth of hell that I once lived in, and yeah it was really hard to be back to normal again. It takes a lot of effort, courage and will power to change your mentality and the regret made me feel so depressed but at the same time I tried my best to correct my mistakes. Thanks for the advice"

Obito was unable to argue with the interviewer because he lived through this same situation and has a lot of mixed emotion inside of him that are still unstable, and he closed his eyes while thinking about what he just heard calmly.

Onoki: "I can agree to some of that about the will power, because my will power is to protect the shinobi world and risk my life for it, that's what I did and believed in. There were times that I had doubt about myself and how useless I was, but I kept moving forward and never gave up. It is an interesting point what you said about believing in God or whatever it is. Even though I am already dead, but I wish I was young enough to hear what you said maybe my life would have better and easier for me who knows. Possibly, my back could be healed."

Onoki agreed to some of the point that the interviewer pointed out and expressed his faith openly and proudly that he would sacrifice himself to protect the shinobi which is basically what he did. He felt a little bit of regret when heard the interviewer opinion but accepted it and moved on.

Tobirama: "For me I don't care about the subject. My way of life is fighting with courage and be strong enough to defeat my enemies and defend myself from the evil people. That's how I live my life."

He spoke with malice tone and glared at Madara and Obito.

Malex: "You are free to do whatever you want in life and choose whatever method suits you the most. Just be careful to not take this life very seriously or it will come bite you back and hurt you. Life of revenge and fighting as the one you had Mr. Tobirama is just meaningless. Have you ever accomplished something using this method please tell me?"

Tobirama: "I hated the Uchihas because they were dangerous people on everyone and can't predict what they are thinking and it's their eyes is the problem the Sharingan that's my issue."

Malex: "You know if you have cooperated with them and made friendly alliance with them maybe just maybe the situation could have been better don't you think? If you have been more cooperative like your brother Hashirama. Violence is never a solution. There are some people don't understand until someone kick their ass, but not take their life. Other people understand without being aggressive with them. You should always try to understand the other side Mr. Tobirama. Tell me if I am wrong, it was one of the hates that Madara acquired from you since you killed his brother, so you are also one of the reasons to blame for awakening Madara's Sharingan."

Tobirama: "You bastard, be careful how you talk and choose your words wisely next time. I will do whatever I want. What you said might be true but if I have left the Uchihas do whatever they want, everything would have been destroyed. So don't speak as if you know everything."

He got up from his chair with a frustration look on his face as if he was beaten in the argument and started emitting his chakra with strong waves of air coming from him and speaking loudly at the interviewer.

Malex: "Now calm down. I respect your opinion. I just wanted to discuss this matter because what you are doing is just racism in the real world called. Which means white people hate black people or the other way around, and countries hate each other because they are from different region and different races. I wanted to discuss because people like you, there are a lot of them in the real world. Just to let you know about this."

The interviewer spoke with a confidence without wavering an inch from his chair and you can't see any fear coming from the interviewer while looking up at Tobirama who stood up and pushed his chair.

Tobirama: "Whatever"

Hashirama: "Come on bro. You know he is right about what he is saying. You don't have to admit it just at least know your mistakes and try to be more understandable."

Tobirama: "Yeah yeah. I will think about it."

Malex: "One of your good points is you really care about your brother Mr. Tobirama. That's good thing to have."

Tobirama: "Mind your own business."

He got embarrassed and little blushes can be seen on his face.

Malex: "Thank you guys so much for your answers I also got to hear some opinions different than mine. I will try to learn from you what I can as much as possible. For the next phase of the interview, I am going to show you who are your voice actors and say something to your voice actor that you have worked with in this whole journey. For our first participant it's going to be Obito."

Malex: "Mr. Obito Your voice actor's name is Wataru Takagi. Do you have something to say to him?"

Handing him a picture of the voice actor.

Obito: "Thank you for helping during the series Mr. Wataru. I apologize if I have caused you a hard time doing some of the voice over lines. It was an entertaining series that we have done together."

Malex: "Next up is Onoki. Your voice actor is Tomomichi Nishimura. Do you have something to say to him."

Handing a photo of the voice actor.

Onoki: "First what do you mean by voice actor?"

Malex: "It is the people that gives voice to fictional characters and read lines from script. That's what they do. So, basically your voice is someone's else voice that is reading some lines from a script and making it seems like it is your own voice."

Onoki: "Oh.. Man, this is really complicated I am not sure if I understood what you just said, but it seems that my voice is someone's else voice, so a person gave me his voice to do my work in the anime series kind of like that right?"

Malex: "Yes."

Then Madara interjected between the interviewer and Onoki.

Madara: "You are this old and don't know what a voice actor is! Such disappointment."

Madara had a disappointment look on his face and sighed.

Onoki: "You shut up. I am not that good in these fields, and I have never heard of it."

Onoki got irritated by Madara's comment and replied to the interviewer question after he half understood what a voice actor is.

Onoki: "So back to our point. This guy looks as old as me I hope he doesn't have a back pain **crack**. Ouch my back. Thank you Mr. Tomomichi Nishimura It was happy working with you in this series and I wish you a good healthy life. Thank you."

He giggled while talking about his back and coincidentally his back cracked, and his face looks as if someone was going to cry from pain and thanked his voice actor with an appreciation on his crying face.

Malex: "Next up is Hashirama. Your voice actor is Takayuki Sugo. Anything to say to him?"

Handing him picture of the voice actor.

Hashirama: "So this is who is doing my voice. Thanks for doing business with you Mr. Takayuki Sugo. It was nice working with you, and I hope I didn't give you a hard time. Now we should be best friends, since we have been working together for a long time already. Have a good healthy life."

Hashirama spoke while having a laugh with his voice actor.

Malex: "Next up is Madara. Your voice actor's name is Naoya Uchida. Do you have anything to say for him?"

Giving him a picture for the voice actor.

Madara: "Nothing really. Thanks for working with me Naoya Uchida."

He was not interested in this, and his face looked bored and doesn't care. He was sitting on the chair while his eyes closed, and one of his arms holding the picture while the other arm is holding his head like when a king sits on the chair and looks at people with poker face expression.

Malex: "That's all? You know he is the person that did your lines all this time and you were working with him. I think you should be more appreciative for him."

Madara: "Don't stick your nose into things that you are not required to. It's something between me and him. That's all for me."

Malex: "Ok. Do whatever you want. Lastly is Tobirama. Your voice actor is Kenyu Horiuchi. Anything to say for him?"

Handing photo of the voice actor.

Tobirama: "I was also not going to say much but I don't want to copy what Madara did. So, thank you for your service Kenyu Horiuchi. Take care of yourself."

Tobirama thought that he didn't copy Madara but he actually was not that appreciative similar to Madara. Tobirama didn't notice it, but the interviewer did and ignored it.

Malex: "For this question we will have you guys take a picture together with your voice actors' portraits."

-Everyone sat next to each other and Onoki floating in the air, Tobirama holding the Portrait of his voice actor with one hand and looking at the camera. Madara did the same while looking at the camera. Each of them holding their own voice actors' portrait and you can see a smirk on Madara and Tobirama face its very small smile.

Malex: "3. 2. 1. Smile"

Then the picture is taken **click**.

Malex: "Thank you guys. Lastly do you have anything to say to the viewers."

Hashirama: "Yes, I have something to say. Firstly, the most important is to thank our creator Mr. Masashi Kishimoto thank you very much for giving us this opportunity I really appreciate it. For the viewers I wanted to emphasize something that I learned. Do you know what the worst thing a person can do? The answer is submitting to the strong people and being their slave. These types of people they will get punishment twice as their leader because they are following whatever their leader is ordering without thinking about it, and if you don't like it just quit the job, and if you can't quit it, and you will die if you do so, then so be it. It's a lot better than hurting people under your name, and whenever something happen you will be the first person to be casted aside and thrown off. That's how a corrupted society work most of the time. Or another thing is that they are working for the money that's not something that you should really care about if you are doing something bad. That's all everyone. Have a happy, healthy, good life. Bye"

Hashirama had an energetic smile on his face while thanking the creator and suddenly his facial expression changed instantly as if the air around him has stopped flowing and had a serious expression on his face started warning people to not be afraid of evil people, because when they do so, it will bring misfortune to other people not just themselves. From the look on his face and his facial expression you can see that he already saw this happened with him and saw a lot of people was sacrificed because of this and wishing that nobody does the same mistake.

Tobirama: "I wanted to thank Mr. Masashi Kishimoto for making this series and thanks for the staff member that helped during the production of the series and to our fans. For the viewers go watch the series and the episodes if you want to."

He spoke with casual voice while his eyes closed as if he doesn't care and just want to finish.

Hashirama: "Oh damn it. I forgot that I need to thank our fans and the staff member. I am sorry. Don't forget guys to watch both the Naruto and Naruto Shippuden movies and everything related to the Naruto universe if you haven't watched them already. Thank you very much for all the staff member that worked on the series and our fans that supported us during the series. Thank you very much everyone."

His facial went back to normal as if nothing had happened and gave the viewers an energetic smile.

Madara: "Thank you Masashi Kishimoto and thanks to the fans and staff member they worked hard. Go watch the Naruto series if you haven't already especially my episodes. If you don't, I will send a meteor at your place just to let you know."

Madara gave chilling glare to the viewers with threatening voice to force them watch only the episodes that he was in. As the usual selfish Madara that we know.

Onoki: "Thank you Masashi Kishimoto and big thanks to the staff member for also working on the production. Thank you very much everyone for watching the series and helping us out we really appreciate it."

Obito: "Everyone Please take care of yourself and go watch how the story came to be if you haven't already and thank you very much for supporting us during this journey. Lastly thank you very much Mr. Masashi Kishimoto for making this story and to all the staff members."

Malex: "Thank you guys for coming all the way here. I have one last request for Onoki and Madara before we finish. Do you mind?"

Madara: "What is it?"

Onoki: "??"

Madara eyebrow lowered while getting frustrated a little as if you want this interview to be finished already. On the other hand, Onoki was curious on the request.

Malex: "Can you please say these Jutsu for me. I really loved the way you said them it's unique. For Madara can you do Senpo: Inton Raiha. For Onoki can you do your particle style Jutsu please."

Madara: "Let's get done with it. Senpo: Inton Raiha"

Mardara was able to mimic it the same way he did it against Naruto and Sasuke in the series and the interviewer was super happy about it. For the safety of the audience and everyone else Madara enchanted the Jutsu without releasing the Jutsu itself. He listened to the interviewer just to humor him a little and be done with this interview.

Onoki: "Jinton: Genkai Hakuri no Jutsu"

Onoki as his favorite Jutsu said it in the same tone when he was almost dead in the forest while fighting Madara and the Interviewer remembered the scene. It felt as if enormous amount of will power came to him. Onoki also enchanted the Jutsu without releasing the Jutsu itself.

Malex: "Another request to Madara and Tobirama. Can you please just shake hands with each other? To make our viewers and audience happy. Just this time, and to show them that people can improve to not do the same mistakes that you did."

The Interviewer had another request from Madara and Tobirama which surprised them both and triggered Tobirama.

Tobirama: "Huh?! What did you say? You think I am going to shake hands with my most hated enemy!?"

Tobirama got very frustrated and pointed to Madara with his index finger and with hate coming from his eyes.

Malex: "Its to show the people that anybody can overcome hatred and revenge and teach them something. Unless you are so persistent to stay as you are then you will never rest in peace even in death that's just my personal opinion though."

The interviewer insisted that they would shake hands to show that no matter how much you hate your enemy it can be overcome if you really put your mind to it.

Tobirama: "..."

Madara: "I am good with shaking hands with this idiot."

Madara spoke while closing both of his eyes and accepted the request.

Tobirama: "Tch.. I guess will do that. I don't want to lose to him."

They shook hands, but still the interviewer had the face of unsatisfactory, because they were looking at each other with disgusted expression as if they want to throw up on each other.

Malex: "Shake hands with smile on your face. There would no point in doing it if you both have the expression of a person who wants to vomit."

Madara: "Tch. Let's do this and be done with it. I am trying to hold myself from killing this interviewer."

Tobirama: "Yeah, me too. Let's finish this or else someone is going to die tonight."

They shook hands again, but this time with kind of forced smile on their face but that's more than enough for the interviewer. They both agreed on murdering the interviewer in which the interviewer had a worried expression on him and surprised that they agreed on something together.

Malex: "Thank you very much for hearing my requests. That ends our interview. Everyone please gives them a last clap to Madara Uchiha, Onoki, Obito Uchiha, Hashirama Senju, Tobirama Senju."

Hashirama: "It was a fun interview Mr. Malex and also nice meeting you."

Onoki: "Thanks for having us today, Malex."

Obito: "Thanks for having us today. It was an interesting interview."

Madara: "Thanks for the invite."

Tobirama: "Yeah, thanks for the invite."

The audience applauded them, and they exited the studio. The interviewer was able to shake hands with all of them this time before they left the studio with smiles on their faces.


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