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This article questions the possible role of Camilla in influencing bad press.
Will Hurricane Camilla blow Prince William and Kate away, too?

Recently, Prince William has become part of the media fascination, too, like his brother’s wife, Meghan. Not only has Meghan been put under the microscope in a very uncomplimentary fashion and the leaks were apparently lies or other negative media cooked up by Camilla, Harry has claimed. So the more recent faked news consisted of a rumor about William which circulated for the second half of 2022 and even earned him the new title, ‘Prince of Pegging’. The rumors even went so far as to claim that he has been involved in pegging since college. The rumors further allege that he has a pegging partner which is not his bride, Kate. Supposedly, according to the rumors, Kate is fine with the situation.

As far as Kate is concerned, it was shocking to find that she went topless on a beach in France and the press took photos of her in that state with a long lens. Knowing the field day that they had always had with poor Di, how could she have been surprised that she was photographed. While she was in a private area when she did that, who could fathom going topless when you are a member of royalty? That really drives home the terrible fact that there is absolutely no private moments for royalty. Kate won a case and was awarded damages for those photos which were published in a celebrity magazine.

The interesting fact is that these events and stories (fabricated or real) all occurred when Camilla was married to King Charles. Has Camilla been intentionally sullying the names of the royals so that they will fail in public opinion and life as a Royal? Did Camilla leak it to the press that William and Kate were going on a vacation to France?
Or if not Camilla, could there possibly be someone else who might have done so? With what many conceive as a very tarnished past, how is it that Camilla has gone untouched by the media? Was Camilla “in bed with the media” even during Charles’ marriage to Diana? How does she appropriate to herself so much power?

Were it not for those media instances, one might find William and Kate impeccable. They appear to be faithful, graceful, unified, and gracious. Kate seems to be the polished treasure that William keeps polishing and polishing some more. She seems to be very introverted, and thus she would naturally not enjoy public speaking but would rather she would prefer to have the company of one or two people. Introverts “charge their battery” by quiet; whereas their extrovert counterparts would charge their battery by going to a party, making a public speech, etc. The real treasure about the introvert, though, is what is on the inside. They prefer to keep it there as that is what is most comfortable for them. But if one were to be that special person who made the introvert feel safe, they would be able to witness the unfolding of a beautiful flower.

William seems to be more on the quiet and stoic side himself. He seems to take his position in royalty seriously and it is hard to imagine him finding enjoyment in pegging or seeking pleasures outside of the marriage bond. While there seems to be no denial on his part, one can only guess at what the truth might be based upon one’s conceived notions about what one considers about his moral character.

Given they are a lovely couple and that Harry and Meg are another beautiful couple, it is difficult to imagine how they could become separated. There they have the normal sibling rivalry, who is the alpha male, etc. But here they seem to have allowed external factors get in the way. If there is a personality clash, that is insignificant in terms of scale-weighing family unity or disunity, it seems! Let us compare the two beautiful wives: Kate - introverted, born into a functional unified family.
Meghan - extroverted, born into a dysfunctional, disunited family

It would be impossible to expect Kate to fit into the Meghan mold and visa versa. These are two very different people. Meghan had to fight for and to achieve everything she has accomplished which seemingly took a whole lot of grit and determination. It is simply not worth the destruction of that wonderful family unity because of those differences.

Harry did not make the same mistake as his father, marrying someone he didn’t love so as to meet the family expectations. And she, Diana, was destroyed because Charles did not keep his end of the marriage bargain. It is clear that Harry has a great deal of sensitivity and character and that those traits have a role in his decision process.

Perhaps Camilla had everything to do with the leaks; perhaps she had nothing to do with them. From the standpoint of Harry and Meg, they wanted to set the record straight. And perhaps Meg felt she had much on the line there … that her reputation in her line of work must avoid being muddied. Most people do not have the luxury of being able to ignore bad publicity.

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