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This article considers who is leaking information.
It seems imperative that if the Royal Family has been infiltrated and if the Royal media has been infiltrated, that the Royals discover who the rogue member is and bring an end to it. Is the media manipulation being accomplished by Camilla as Harry suspects? Is it true that Camilla retired her ladies? Did she do that so that she will be free to do more damage without being caught? Or did she do remove them because she does not want them to leak information? Or, if Camilla is not the source who is?

In the USA, the Democratic Party said that Donald Trump was colluding with Russia and that Russia influenced the election in the USA in favor of Trump. Newest information states that a former counterintelligence FBI agent who conducted the investigation into Trump - Russia collusion, colluded with a Russian oligarch himself and is facing a multitude of charges. Because of the gaslighting campaign of the Democrats, their constant pointing at others prevented many people from thinking that perhaps they were the originator of the scandals. Sometimes it is the person or people that one would not suspect who is guilty. Surely, no one thought at that time, that the FBI was corrupt.

One thing that seems most clear, though, is that division of the Royal Family reduces the strength of the Monarchy both at home and in the world.

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This author is an amateur writer who evaluates current events. One of this writer’s expertise is as an analyst. The author also has education in finance and economics. There is no financial compensation given for the articles. There is no connection to any member of the Royal Family. This is the last article being written at this time regarding these Royals.
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