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"You know what? I am just going to leave now before I break something.”

“Right! Leave, that’s your answer for everything Susan!”

“I don’t have answers Dan, I am tired of getting caught up in you crap!”

“Why is it always me, huh?”

“Well It’s not me coming home all hours of the night smelling like a booze hound.”

“No it’s not because you never leave the house. You drink at home though, alone I might add.”

“I have to have something Dan, I certainly don’t have you, do I?”

“You could if you cared enough, we could enjoying time together. But somehow I think you want to be alone. You should stayed alone.”

“Really? Who asked who to marry me. I asked you to marry me!”

“Yup, and I was flattered but I think I was just something you wanted at the time. Now you are bored, so leave if you want to but don’t come back.”

“I don’t get bored Dan, I like my space but that doesn’t mean I want to be alone or regret getting married.”

“What’s the answer then? What are we doing because this right now, isn’t cool.”

“I think we need time to realize what each of us wants. Maybe we should separate.”

“Nope, not separating. You know once that happens, it’s done. Nobody comes back from that shit.”

“Well let’s take a time out then. Let’s give each other the space with zero consequences and see what happens.”

“I will tell what you will happen. We grow more distant. I think we need to revaluate why we fell in love to begin with. I remember well when we ran into each other at the reunion. You were stunning, confident, independent and funny. Why would I want to let go of that now?”

“I remember you too, so handsome and caring, funny and remember that couple we sat with? Those two were something else.”

“Oh yeah, he was trying to make the moves on you with his wife beside him. He was a treat all right. I think I wanted you more that very moment when you asked me to switch seats.”

“Hey I have that video we took from our first vacation. Wanna watch it with me?”

“Best thing I have heard all night. Everything will be okay Susan, we have to work it out.”

“I am willing. My heart would never mend if we parted ways and I know I am not easy to live with lately.”

“I haven’t been either that’s for sure. I love you very much.”

“You know I love you too. You are my world.”

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