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My girlfriend’s harmony is everlasting - a romantic love poem.
Blessed fortunes stir the latest couple,
Whose articulation seeks the credits
Of award-winning drama, comedy,
And fist-pumping climax -
The series of foes are permanently excised;
The wrongs are somewhat righted;
The cream of the crop is amazing -
And the thorns on their surgical roses
Are besieged and settled;
The pair of screen stars
Enjoy a jaunty, jovial, and happy stroll,
Pausing to look back at the heaping wreckage,
Joining hands in an enjoyable grin -
As the epic grind, a tragic ordeal,
Is now behind them,
Dissipating next to the setting sun…

My sweetheart and cutie of many decades,
Around whom the Earth revolves,
Enlivens and rectifies my every organ’s beat;
Every step I take is mesmerizing,
Due to her pleasurable glow -
And all my time and soul persists
And pertains to her glamor…

Her customary guile and profusely harmonious
Lay forever disposed to my loyal
And hospitable laughter…
And the beauteous treasures we develop
Inspire our growing gala -
The cheerful responses are warmly greeted…

And our souls awaken to their joyful oasis,
In exquisite awe
And edgeless perpetuity!

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