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A heretic finds love. Will it last? Will she break? What will happen?
Alina figures out Damon is the one who is doing all the 'animal attacks'. He is an uncontrolled vampire, and that is no good for anyone here. She needs to find a way to either put him down for a while or convince him not to attack any more people. Alina starts the day by going to the hospital to compel Vicki into thinking it was an animal attack, knowing Damon just let it be.

She arrives at the hospital and slides into Vicki's room unnoticed. Vicki is hysterical and Alina compels her to calm down and compels her to say it was an animal that came out of the woods and attacked her that night. She sees Stefan walking in and quickly vanishes from sight. When Stefan exits the hospital, she runs up to him and starts talking. "Okay, Damon is unhinged and we need to find a way to either convince him to stop attacking people and killing them, or we need to put him down for a while."

Stefan seems to agree with her. He nods and says it is dangerous, but something that has to be done. Alina begins to brainstorm ideas to convince him, wanting that to be the first option they chose to go with rather than putting him down. "Maybe I could talk to him since I was the one to make the deal with him. I can say part of the deal is to not kill and attract attention towards us." She nods at her thought and Stefan is hesitant at first but realizes he doesn't want his brother to retaliate if they put him down, and he knows she has magic that could help influence his decision.

Alina and Stefan went their separate ways after the talk outside the hospital. Alina was on her way to meet Damon at The Grill for whatever he needed help with. She arrives at The Grill and sits down next to him, noticing the bourbon sitting in front of her, already ordered for her. She downs the drink and thanks Damon for it. She starts talking to him, "So we need to draw attention away from the killings and find a way to make the sheriff less drawn to hunting vampires. She takes vervain, all the council does, so we can't just compel her. Oh, by the way, I took care of our little Vicki problem before it could become bigger." She rambled on, trying to get multiple things out at one time.

Damon smirked a little, "And how do you suggest we swerve ball the sheriff?"

"We could turn a random person and help the sheriff stake them, which then helps her trust us, and also we could infiltrate the counsel and know what's happening." Alina was surprised she thought of that so quickly. She absolutely hated killing, but she wanted to live so it was her best option.

Damon thought about it, and to Alina's surprise, agreed to her idea. "Now we just have to plan this out very carefully so we don't expose ourselves." His smirk grew, almost a full-blown smile now. Alina started the plan with, "First step is to turn someone. Then we have to alert the sheriff and her deputies that there's a vampire somehow. Maybe we could have the new vampire bite someone and compel them to point them out. Next, we help the sheriff stake them, and gain her trust. After we gain her trust, we can ask to be put on the council, or just you since I'm not a founding family member. But hope for both of us on there. Bam! Easy access to knowledge about everything vampire related."

Damon agreed by nodding his head. "We should probably do it soon so they don't get even wearier. I know they are looking for people who only come out at night because they don't know about daylight rings." She smiles at that. Alina ponders over who they could turn. She decides on a scumbag in prison. "Okay, we just have to plan the time to do this," Alina concluded.

She went back to the Salvatore house with Damon to plan more things out. Only, they find Elena at the doorstep. Damon and Alina decide to mess with Elena, more so Damon than Alina. Once they're all inside, Damon starts talking about a woman named Katherine who was apparently Stefan's ex-girlfriend. Damon starts generating feelings of being a rebound in Elena, all but speaking the word out loud.

As soon as Stefan walks in, Damon greets him coldly. Stefan freezes and Elena leaves after a few minutes of looking between the brothers and Alina. Stefan wonders why Alina is with Damon right now. Damon starts taunting Stefan about being in the hospital with the blood. Alina gets confused. Why can't he be around blood if he's a vampire? So she voices her inquiry out loud. "If Stefan's a vampire and a pretty old one at that, why can't he be around blood?" Stefan groans and Damon answers. "He's a ripper. Ever hear of the ripper of Monterrey?" Oh. Alina nods and grimaces. She can't imagine what it must be like to not be able to drink human blood without going crazy.

"Well, I better get going. Have another shift at work. " With that, she vampire speeds out of the house, into her car, and drives home to get ready for work. With a bit of magic, she gets dressed and drives to work. After her five-hour shift, she quickly changes clothes to watch the comet pass. The person next to her holds their candle out to light her candle. She suddenly hears a commotion and uses her vampire hearing to find out what's happening. She hears Damon and Stefan fighting about Vicki, and as she leans in closer toward the sound, she hears Vicki's cries and whimpers.

She runs to the building and uses her speed once she's inside to barrel up the stairs. She grabs Vicki and quickly compels her to forget what happened and that she accidentally ripped her stitches open. Vicki and Alina hurry downstairs while Stefan and Damon continue their argument. Vicki asks for her brother and as soon as the words come out, a blond boy with bright blue eyes rushes over to us. "Vick, what happened?" Vicki answered, "I accidentally ripped my stitches open. Everything's fine, I just got to patch myself back up."

The blond boy turns his gaze to Alina, "Thanks for finding my sister. My name is Matt. Matt Donovan." I smile, "I'm Alina. I work at The Grill and you're welcome." Matt grins and says bye, leading Vicki away towards The Grill. Alina felt a presence behind her. She spins around and comes face to face with Damon. "Why did you take Vicki? I was tormenting Stefan." She scoffs and starts to walk away when Damon grabs her arm. Alina snaps around. "What part of inconspicuous do you not understand, Damon? Vicki running wild saying a vampire had attacked her would get us all killed. You, me, Stefan. Get that through your thick skull."

Damon turns away after releasing her arm. Alina fetched her car keys from her pocket, walked towards her car, and unlocked it. She entered her car and drove off into the night to her apartment. When she arrived there and was finally inside, she was hit by a vision of Damon, Stefan, and Katherine. After the first vision, she was struck by a second one: Katherine escaping the tomb and leaving. The visions were so powerful that she passed out, falling to the ground.
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