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A heretic finds love. Will it last? Will she break? What will happen?
Alina finally wakes up in the middle of the night. She thinks to herself, that was intense. what even was that? She stands up and goes to her bed, getting in and pulling the blankets up to her chin. She falls back asleep.

Waking up in the early morning, she feels restless and exhausted. She remembers the visions. Damon and Stefan fight for Katherine's love. Katherine not in the tomb convinces a Lockwood to keep her secret if she promises to give him the moonstone. She knew Damon was looking to open the tomb so he could free Katherine. She has to tell him! But how, he won't believe her, she realizes. She decides she will let him into her mind to show him the visions and events from yesterday.

She hastily changes her clothes, speeding around her room. Before she leaves, she puts a protection spell on herself. She runs to her car and drives to the Salvatore house, knocking rapidly on the door. Damon answers. "And to what do I owe the pleasure of this visit?" Alina barges in and grabs Damon by the hand, dragging him behind her. He puts his hands on her head and makes him dive into her memories. She visualizes and shows the events that happened last night from when she got home to when she woke up. The visions passed through her again and she got immensely exhausted and weak and started to fall to the ground.

Damon caught her before she collapsed completely. Her vision is still spotty, hearing going in and out. Once she recovers, Damon begins interrogating her. "Are you sure this isn't some fake visions being put into your head? Could a vampire have placed a dream in your head? I don't want to believe this. I can't! Why would she do this to me?" Damon spirals and Alina puts her hand on his cheek. "I will still get help to open the tomb if you don't believe me. From what I saw, she's manipulative and turned you two against each other."

"I still want the tomb open. I just have to make sure." A tear rolls down his face. Alina wipes it and says she's going to leave since Stefan got home. She speeds out the door. Alina drives home to get ready for the Founder's Council Heritage Display. She dresses in a professional outfit and does light makeup.

Alina arrives at the Heritage Display at the Lockwood Mansion. She walks in, already having been invited in. She ambles around, then finds Damon talking to Elena. Damon turns around and walks to Alina, motioning for her to follow him. "I'm going to get the crystal and you stand watch. That's how we're getting the tomb open." He smirks. Alina stands in the hallway, waiting for Damon to get the crystal. He grabs it and starts downstairs. She follows him and he pockets the crystal.

After a while, Alina hasn't seen Damon and she goes outside. She sees him feeding on Caroline, then falling, and Stefan grabs him. She realizes he was vervained. Caroline cries and Alina runs at a normal speed over to her. She asks, "Hey, are you okay?" Caroline turns and grabs onto Alina with a death grip and sobs into her shoulder. "Shhh shhh, it's okay. How about we go to my house and I'll get you some comfort food. We can watch movies and forget about what happened." Caroline nods and Alina picks her up bridal style, carrying her to the car.

At Alina's apartment, Caroline is wrapped in a blanket and has a cup of chamomile tea. She also has a couple of snacks and is munching on them while sipping her tea. Alina sits down next to her and turns on The Princess Bride. Caroline stops shaking from her crying eventually and it's now 11 pm.

"Thanks for helping me today, Alina," Caroline says gratefully. She nods her head and says you're welcome. Caroline states that she has to get going before her mom goes all police mode and sends a search party. Alina drives Caroline home and then goes back to her apartment. She cleans up the snacks and puts everything away. She goes to bed.

The next morning, she walks to the Salvatore Boarding House. She enters without knocking and sees Vicki and Damon. Damon snaps Vicki's neck after feeding her blood. "Damon, why did you do that?" Alina yells. "Inconspicuous. Turning people is not that!" Damon chuckles lowly. "I was bored. So what?" Alina shakes her head, her hand on her forehead, like a disapproving mother.

Vicki wakes with a gasp. "What happened?" She groans. "Why does my head feel like this? I have to go. I have to go see Jeremy." Alina and Damon try to stop her, warning her she's going to feel different and her head will hurt. Vicki leaves anyway and parades to the Gilbert home.

Alina scolds Damon some more. Damon only smirks and laughs as if this is satire. Alina leaves and follows Vicki to the Gilbert home. She arrives there and Jeremy, Matt, Elena, and Stefan are there. Vicki suddenly runs out and away from everyone. Stefan says he can track her after Matt leaves, and Alina goes with Stefan to find her. They are in the woods when they both hear crying with their enhanced hearing. Logan Fell, the news guy, shoots Stefan and Alina with wooden bullets before Damon runs in and kills him.

Alina gets the last wooden bullet out of her body and hears Stefan shout no. She glances over and sees Vicki feeding on Logan Fell. Vicki looks up and is terrified of what happened. Alina vampire speeds over to her and starts explaining everything to Vicki. Stefan ends up taking her to the Salvatore Boarding House with him. Alina goes with him to support and help Vicki and when they get back, Stefan says he has to go explain everything to Elena.

Stefan comes back in tears. Alina asks him what's wrong, and he says Elena broke up with him. Stefan then expresses that he doesn't really like Alina because Elena doesn't like her, but will tolerate her because she does good things instead of bad things and helps out a lot. Alina ends up taking a room in the Salvatore House for tonight because she is still helping Vicki control herself and adjust.
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