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does the punishment fit the crime?
"Guilty, as charged" came the reply.
Of a caper thought dastardly. *Shock2*
"Sentence shall commence
After the hearing was done."
The judge stated masterly.

The defendant rose, sullenly -
Tears in his eyes, he was sorry, after all.
It didn't matter, at that point,
To the law *Scale1*
They were going to make a call.

"Twenty-one years, not a second less"
Down the gavel came; *Gavel*
The condemned lowered his head
And closed his eyes,
Attempting to cover his shame.

What was the crime? The evil deed?
To bring someone so low?
Stealing a tractor for a joyride -
and leaving it buried in 10 feet of snow. *Snow4*

Why such a sentence?
What did it factor?
Only that it was the judge
Who owned the tractor *FacePalm*

Line Count: 23

Writer's Cramp Prompt for 1/30/23

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