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The Puppy Tooth Fairy helps some gingerbread children who get lost in the woods
One day a gingerbread boy and girl were walking in the woods when they lost their way back home to Gingerbread Cottage.

The gingerbread boy pointed to Oberon’s newly painted pink fairy door, which was surrounded by flowers and fairy toadstools. “That looks like a cute door, maybe the Tooth Fairy will help us?”

“Knock, knock, who’s there?” The gingerbread girl called.

There was a rustling and the door opened to reveal a long, snuffling snout that looked gingerish in colour.

“Oh no, I hope it’s not a fox,” said the gingerbread boy, who had been chased by a fox before.

Oberon fluttered his wings. He was actually more black than ginger, although he did have a few ginger markings on his face and paws. “Don’t worry sweet gingerbread friends, I am a Puppy Tooth Fairy.”

The gingerbread girl gave Oberon a pleading look. “Do you think you can help us find Gingerbread Cottage?”

“Most certainly, follow me,” Oberon said and began to lead them away.

Just then Pebbles the westie puppy dashed up. He could’t believe his luck with he saw the plump gingerbread children and gave a deep sniff, inhaling the yummy scent. “Mmm, gingerbread, delicious!”

Oberon thought Pebbles should learn some manners. “Pebbles, they are my guests and the eating of guests in not allowed.”

“Okay, but what are you going to do if you’re not going to eat them?”

“I am going to help them find their way back home. Come to the Fairy Bridge, little gingerbreads. You can see all of the woodland from there are you should see your cottage,” Oberon said.

Oberon showed everyone the Fairy Bridge and the gingerbread children climbed onto it followed by Pebbles.

“Oh goodness, these gingerbreads smell so scrumptious,” Pebbles said.

“Don’t look at them, you will stop feeling hungry soon,” Oberon said.

Pebbles tried, but he was still licking his lips. He decided to turn his head away too so that he couldn’t smell the sugary gingerbread aroma.

“I can see Gingerbread Cottage,” said the gingerbread boy, who didn’t seem to notice the ravenous westie puppy behind him.

“That’s great,” Oberon said. “Before you go, I’ll get you some sparkly fairy dust sprinkles to put on your icing sugar.”

Pebbles tried to resist, but by this point it was past Pebble’s lunchtime, so whilst Oberon was busy fetching the fairy dust sparkles he crept towards the gingerbread boy who was the plumpest of the gingerbreads.

Pebbles started licking the icing off the gingerbread boy’s hand.

“Oh, that tickles!” The gingerbread boy giggled.

“Pebbles, what do you think you’re doing?” Oberon barked, almost dropping his fairy dust sprinkles in shock as he came back to find Pebbles licking his guest. “The gingerbreads are full of sugar and won’t be good at all for a puppy like you to eat. They will rot your new teeth! You need to brush them right away.”

Oberon took Pebbles to the puppy toothbrush cupboard and the gingerbread girl picked up the brush and gave Pebbles’s teeth a good scrub.

Pebbles tried to toss his head because he hated his teeth being brushed, but the toothbrush was already in his mouth brushing away.

“Ugh, that will teach me to try and eat gingerbread again,” Pebbles said as the gingerbread children scampered safely away back home to Gingerbread Cottage.
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