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What would my top two criteria be when judging blogs?
The top criteria, if I were judging blogs, would be the subject matter of the blog and the creativity in the writing on that subject. I am attracted to blogs that have a title that makes me want to read it. Then while reading I look for pictures, type changes, and other creative additions that add to the aesthetics of the blog.

As I type that paragraph above, I looked at the last few weeks of these blogs. If I were to judge my own with my criteria, I would lose so many readers. I have found that these prompts have made me realize that there is more to writing than just words. While it is important to have good content, you must also make it appealing to the reader from the start. I am convinced that joining this 4 week's stint has taught me that I do have it within me to write daily. To post about subjects that I find might resonate with others. Also, to not be afraid to tackle subjects that might be a bit controversial.
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