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Main Character Profile
Main Character: Maggie McGee is a lovely young woman who has a slim figure, long auburn hair, green eyes, and a sweet, loving personality.
She is an only child and lost both of her parents when they were back ended by a semi on their return home from Hawaii.
Maggie works in Cincinnati as a Police Dispatcher but must take a leave and return to her hometown to make arrangements for her parent's
funeral and take over the inheritance that was left behind.
Maggie is a jogger; she runs nearly every day in good weather and swims in the colder months of the year. She lives in a small apartment in
the city which she keeps clean and tidy. Generally, she is a healthy eater and likes to experiment with food that is good for the body.
Maggie has had boyfriends throughout school, but nothing serious. Most of her high school friends still live in her hometown but now have
families of their own so she doesn't see them often.
She has numerous friends at her dispatch job, and they often go out in the evening as a group for dining and/or entertainment (movies,
darts, pool, etc.)

David: This is a man Maggie falls in love with but he turns out to be abusive and she leaves him.
Sister: Lisa, Older Brother (deceased) Robert. Parents: Harry & Margaret

Harold Elderly man met in Colorado. Wife Alice. Was salesman. Retiring in Maine: Purchased Old Country Store with some cottages.

John: The love of Maggie's life.
Mother: Martha Father: Deceased Betty: ex-finance Sister: Anna Older Brother: Martin Oldest Brother: Allen

Phil: Golf Pro at resort, jogger

Shirley: Co-worker, jogger

Maggie & John's Children Ethan, Matthew. Maggie & David's Daughter: Samantna "Sammie"
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