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by Jimbo
Rated: E · Poetry · Spiritual · #2289527
Poem about smallness.
Completely submerged I float in the black.
Faint pillars of light and dark sneak past me.
I stretch out wide, the water cools my face.
I tuck in tight, becoming a bubble,
And I'm drifting inside an endless void.

I hear echoes of an enormous beast.
It bemoans through my body and my soul.
I get the courage to open an eye,
In wonder I stare into another,
But a colossal one dwarfing my own.

I unfurl my body and reach towards it.
My courage coming from I don't know where.
It's flesh feels like it belongs in this place,
And I'm tolerated only by love.
A kindness of the mighty to the small.

Then it disappears into the shadows,
Leaving me in my groggy minuteness.
Did what happened really happen to me?
Did I just touch a god of this planet?
Or will I awaken now and forget?

Did I dare reach and touch the universe,
To have it hug back in loving kindness?
If this be a dream please stay for always.
I will cuddle it close to my being,
Knowing I'm only an atom of life.

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