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by Naomi
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An Essay about Hope in my heart..

I am a human being, therefore, I am not perfect. I will fail at many times at my lifetime. Very true, no one is great at everything.

No person sails through life with unbroken strings of successes. Yes !
Sometimes my aim is off, my own judgment is faulty, or my timing is poor and I end up falling.

But, falling does not make me a failure. I am never a failure until I give up. Losing a battle does not mean I've lost the war. Failing to score points at the start does not mean I've lost the game.

I keep on trying. I always do and always will. I never label my un-
successful attempts as failure. I call them Education as what I can learn from these experiences, knowing that experience is the best teacher.

I repeat, I keep on trying, firmly believing that there is always HOPE.

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