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goals for the new years

Dear Me,

Last year was a good year and this year will be better. I already feel better. Down to 182 pounds to start the new year.

For 2023 I have a lot of creative projects and other goals to accomplish.

Creative Goals

         First, I will participate in the Writing Com unstable writing challenge working on revising for publication three novels, and a book of poetry during the year’s long challenge.

         That means final edits and revisions to my novels, ‘Giant nazi Spiders, The Great Divorce, and Timeless Love Stories, and a book-length poetry manuscript which I will work on from April to June. This involved o finally getting my thousands of poems sorted and organized by topic and chronological order before selecting 150 poems for the collection. I will skip the April poetry challenge but save the various prompts for use throughout the rest of the year.

         I will continue to write five to ten poems every day following prompts but save them as I write them into various categories.

         I will try to write one to two short new stories per month and submit them.

         I will submit to five sites every week

         I will post every day on the following sites

Writing com
Fan story

I will post bi-Weekly on all poetry, poetry soup, poetry circle, Hello Poetry, Poetry Nook, Cosmosfunnel, Poet Hunter, Poetry magnum Opus, Open arts forum, and Sweek according to the following notional schedule

         Monday Pick 15 poems per week, ten previously posted for reposting, five unpublished for submission copy to the submission file

All Poetry 7 + 3 contests
Poetry Soup 7 +3 contest
Tuesday Poetry Circle 5 one by one
Poetry Nook five one by one
Wednesday Cosmos Funnel five collection
Hello Poetry, five collection
Thursday Poetry Magnum Opus five one by one
Open Arts Forum five collection
Friday Poet Hunter five one by one
Sweenk five collection
Blog, FB, Medium, Watt Pad, Blog Lovin, Writing com

         I will participate in the April and July NaNoWriMo camps April for poetry writing/editing, July for novel editing

         I will take one online course per week

         I will add in Reedsly weekly flash challenge

         I will do the Mod Po mini-courses and re-do them in September -November, this time for credit.

Blogging Goals

         Way behind my blogging goals.

         Goal is to have ten k followers by the end of the year.

         I will blog once a week including blogging on travel, restaurant reviews as well as current projects.
I will learn how to create a video blog and add that to my weekly routine doing in the weekend when I update my blog.

blog viait to blue house TBC
blog viait to Gwanwhamoon TBC
blog hiking Iwaksan
Blog Visit to Jeju
Blog Australia Visit

Hidden Treasure of Yeongjong combined travelogue send to SS/KT/KH 800
Yeongjongdo international city wharf update
Dental blues blog
Quirky public art updates

Ten travel articles

Yeongjong Hidden Gems
Hiking Yeongjon Island
The wharf districts
The airport districts
The beaches
Changbo Island
Unseo Airport N

Sky City and Midan City
Restaurant Guide to Yeongjon Island
Yeongjong Island Development plans

Restaurants of Gimpo
Gingsing soup
Burger joints
Nakhon mando place
Korean Fish Markets

Reading Goals

I will read at least 100 books, one book per week focusing on the classics, at least one will be in Korean, and one in Spanish.

Language Study

I will continue to study Korean one hour per day, and start reading Korean articles and discussing them with my spouse to finally get my Korean down. I will also study Spanish a bit.

{{center}b}Piano Music goals

Play every day one to five pieces of music

Playing the following music books

Easy classics
Bela Microcosmos – teaching Angela how to play piano
Clementi piano sonatinas
Bach Little Notebook
Piano classics Korean music book
Bach’s two and three-part inventions
60 progressive piano pieces
Schuman Album one
Blues Standards
100 Greatest Artists
Another Korean classic book
Ellington standards
Bach WTC
Mozart Sonatas
Beethoven Sonatas

March order music writing software
Learn how to write music
Self-teaching off of YouTube Tutorials
The goal is to write one piece per month

Travel Plans

I will take a few trips this year. First up a short trip to Australia on a group tour. Then go to the States from May to September and while there finally sell our Oregon properties as part of our long-term project to reduce our real estate holdings and simply our life.

One month in DC including a side trip to Shenandoah and New Gorges NP
and staying at the Little Inn in Washington bucket list trip

one month Oregon
one month SF bay area
late May to early September


I will also continue to do weekly acupuncture, moxibustion treatment, and massages taking the availability of the widespread availability and insurance limits.

I will also do daily exercise and walk.

Sign up and start using Korean hospitals rather than going to Camp Humphreys. Do Hammer toes surgery by the end of the year.

Get my weight down to 180 and keep it there. Down from 192 at the end of last year.


Most importantly, sign up and begin receiving Social security starting in April.

Pay more attention to our finances, and help with doing the taxes this year. Sell our Oregon properties. Set up an estate plan family trust while we are in the States and find an executor for the family trust if something happens to us. After that have the end-of-life talk with my two siblings, her brother, and my best friends. Hire a financial planner as well.

Social Life

We will start going out more and socializing a lot more.

I will continue weekly zoom with friends and add monthly zoom with my family

And getting together with her brother and his family every other week as well.

And other old friends

Finally most importantly of all

Every day tells her how much I love her and appreciate her.

Thanks, Me

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