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Make them eat their words
**still working on this one, but this what I got so far:

I just got some new ammunition
And I'm not accepting your terms and conditions
I'm so tired of you tracking all our expenditures
We losin' our freedoms to support your business ventures
So fed up with them making all the decisions
They wantin' to capitalize on creatin' divisions
They're taking our children and raping our women
They're mixing and matching inside of our prisons
And I'm not down with what they want as a vision

Ain't no future for me
Got no room in the tree
Of our shared humanity
These Muthafuckin faggots
Writhing in garbage like maggots
They all having wet dreams
'Bout our children gettin' creamed

This all has become a fucking joke
It's a slippery slope
The virus they been introducin'
Got some of us to start abusin'
Each other hurtin' and usin'
See, George Floyd was just a set up
Blown up by media so we'd all get up
Stand up and fight each other
Our sisters and brothers
Instead of the monsters
Who needed time to recover
So they distracted us from lovin'
See we've been fightin' over nothin'

And I been keeping it together with tape And glue
Just like this Muthafuckin shoe
That i bought last Christmas
From a franchise business
In the local mall
Where we go to brawl
For sumthin to do
Cause we haven't à clue
What to do with ourselves

We're all been missing our cues
We ain't been getting real news
We all getting screwed
By the corporate views
They controlling our lives
They're not letting us thrive
In this fucking beehive

They're making up all of these new definitions
Crafting new words and making revisions
Creatin' n branding all sorts of mental afflictions
Prescribing pills to fuel manufactured addictions
FDA fast-tracks it all; dropping their restrictions
For these giant corporations, and it's our lives they be constricting

Doctors paid to inscribe it in the diagnostical bible
Ensuring the pharmaceutical companies survival
The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders
Now a collection of human behaviors twisted by these informers

Making a fortune
Off gender dysphoria
Indoctrinating our children
Thr tower of babble they buildin'

Now I don't know 'bout all of you
But I no longer got a crew
It's just me here dropping clues
'Cause I don't know what else to do

Played 7 Up as a kid, thumbs folded over
Then I got a little bit older
Played 6 Up on the corner
'Cause life got a whole lot colder
But we still all cared 'bout each other
Watched out for all them undercover
Pigs that always be watchin' us
Some of them, always be stalkin' us

But don't worry cause we all be stacked
And they don't know what we got packed
They don't know they gonna get whacked
Soon, they all be havin' heart attacks
When they no longer intact
Cause them balls are gonna be hacked
Right off and we gonna shove em into their mouths and down their throats
Like they shoved all of their religions and now this wokeness trope
Revelling in this manufactured reality, this digital illusion
Sowing the seeds of propaganda and lovin' the confusion
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