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Final Countdown Writer's Cramp

Final Countdown


Joseph Jones ran a donut place
In downtown DC
Popular with the White House crowd

One day there
Was a computer glitch
Which led to a fire
The donut batter machine
Was fried.

He was running out of time
To save his shop from the flames
And billowing black smoke
Engulfing it.

He noticed a woman’s purse
On the floor
The woman had fled
The scene
After starting the fire.

He realized it was his ex-wife
Who had caused the computer glitch
She had gone down the Q rabbit hole

She acted out of revenge
Against her husband who she accused
Of being part of the satanic "Deep State"
Prosecuting the former guy.

Who, according to Q
God had anointed
To save us all,

She left a message
on the wall in blood

"This is the final countdown
the storm is coming.

Be afraid, be very afraid
they are coming after you

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running out of time
donut batter
women's purse
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