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Rated: E · Short Story · Supernatural · #2289636
what I have so far about someone who uses an ability to stop crime
The crows rose from the dark alley grove; none crow; but their flapping wings seem to make reverberating dings off the metal artworks. A hooded figure stands at the edge; wearing a casual cloak and jeans. Their head inclines slowly as the eyes follow the scattering birds; all passing over the figure.

the left hand then opens, fingers spread, as if to grip a large doorknob; and the crows begin flying in a large counterclockwise circle above; the air around them almost seems to shimmer. the hand relaxes and birds disperse, most going to the left of the person. a curious smile and slight smirk forms on the face, and then a barely perceptible “hhmmm".

Its late in the twilight hours.

She turns and starts walking slowly down a block, an odd tingle on the back of her left arm.

A few hundred few later she suddenly stops as if a big hand pushed against her midriff.

Looking slowly around, the odd sensation still creeping from her arm. She moves closer to the entrance of a shop ,.. it doesn’t open for 2 more hours.

A few seconds later she hears a car door close about 50 yards ahead, on the other side of the street. The person walks toward a business entrance, just a few feet to the side, then stops ,.. its an ATM. The person has some kind of device, then puts something else in card slot, there’s a cord between the two. she suddenly feels like the top of her back and her left arm got injected with a chemical cleaner,.. she extends her middle and pointer fingers in the person direction and twiddles them for a few seconds, then another few seconds later a couple rats suddenly appear in the street running towards the person she suspects is trying to stealing money.
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