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A heretic finds love. Will it last? Will it break her? What will happen?
Damon and Alina walk to the door, and Stefan comes downstairs to see who it is. Damon opens the door and sees Sheriff Forbes. "Sheriff Forbes, what can I do for you?" Liz looks serious and Damon motions for Stefan to go upstairs because they have to play Damon being the guardian and Stefan the seventeen-year-old child.

Damon turns back to Liz and Alina sits down on the couch. Liz also sits down, across from Alina, and Damon sits next to Alina. "There was another vampire attack," Liz says and grimaces. Alina looked at Damon because she had told him about the vision she had of Logan being a vampire and kidnapping Caroline.

"That's surprising." Damon looked back at Alina for a second and then at Liz. Liz doesn't notice the glance between Damon and Alina, which is good because it would have made her suspicious of the two. Damon, Liz, and Alina talk for a couple more minutes before she leaves. Stefan comes downstairs and interrogates Damon, asking if he was the one who killed the local. Damon denies it and says there is actually another vampire in town.

Alina looks at Stefan and tells him about the vision she had. Stefan looks at her and decides they need to find Logan before he does anything and they need to kill him. Alina and Damon agree and Damon grabs a pocket watch from his pocket. "We can track him using this." Alina looks confused and asks how. "It was a pocket watch Jonathon Gilbert had that Emily spelled to track vampires. That's how they put them all in the tomb."

Alina makes an 'oh' shape with her mouth and nods. Damon calls Caroline and they all head to an abandoned warehouse. Alina stays on the phone with Caroline when she has the watch and it whirs around. Damon and Alina flash to Caroline and say thank you before taking the watch and Damon compels her to forget what happened there and go home.

Alina and Damon enter the warehouse and see Logan Fell. He starts asking how they can walk in the sun. Alina says "Don't ask me, I don't need what they have." Damon laughs and says, "You can't." Logan then reveals he has a pile of dead bodies he killed and drained of blood, and the one he left last night was a mistake because he was too tired to take care of it. Then he talks about how irritating it was to not be able to get into his own house.

Logan and Damon bicker until Logan pulls out a gun and starts shooting wooden bullets at them. Alina waves her hand and they go to the side, not hitting her or Damon. Damon gets angry and Logan looks surprised. Damon snarls and attacks Logan, but Logan shoots him a few times with wooden bullets.

Because Alina can't deflect them in time, Damon now has wooden bullets in his abdomen and chest. Alina speeds to Damon and starts getting the bullets out of him. She doesn't notice Logan run away

After Damon recovers, he's even angrier than before. They look around for Logan and find he's gone. Damon calls Stefan and notifies him that Logan is the new vampire and to be careful.

Alina and Damon head to the school to help Stefan. They get there after Logan has taken Caroline and Liz comes running to them. Liz hysterically explains Logan took Caroline. Alina and Damon run out the door and speed around looking for the van Logan is driving.

They find the van while Logan is on the phone taunting Liz. Damon rips Logan out of the driver's seat and they start fighting. Alina grabs the phone and tells Liz she's bringing Caroline home. Caroline groans and shifts a little bit, still unconscious.

Caroline is picked up by Alina and she's carried home. Alina walks Caroline into her room and tucks her in again, being careful of her head. Liz thanks her for taking care of Caroline and helping with the attacks. Alina smiles and heads out the door.

Alina is trying to find Logan when she hears a snarl. She vampire speeds over to the sound and sees Alaric staking Logan. She asks, "What's the purpose of your ring? Are you a vampire?" Alaric shakes his head. "I'm not a vampire and my dead wife gave it to me."

Alina can tell he's telling the truth. She always had a way of spotting liars. Alaric asked what she was. "I'm a vampire-witch heretic. I was born a siphon witch, meaning I didn't have my own magic, I take from other supernatural creatures and items. Then I turned and figured out I had unlimited power."

Alaric frowned, and Alina sped away. Alina went for a run and saw a vampire trying to get into a flipped-over car. She runs and breaks the vampire's neck. She sees Elena in the car and that she's stuck. Damon speeds past her in a blur and rips the car door off the hinges of the car.

Alina and Damon flip the car over and Elena is back upright. Alina rips the seatbelt out from the buckle so Elena can get out. She climbs out of the car and almost falls. Damon catches her and then she promptly passes out. Damon puts Elena in the back seat of his car. He explains to Alina that he's going to Georgia to visit a witch who can help them figure out how to open the tomb. Alina gets in the passenger seat and Damon sits in the driver's seat.

Damon starts driving and Alina turns on music from her phone. She nods along to it and keeps the sound at a medium-low volume so it doesn't wake Elena up. Damon criticizes her music choice and she turns on ACDC instead. The first song in the playlist of rock music is Back In Black. Damon laughs and says, "Much better." After that song, The Immigrant Song by Led Zepplin came on. She loves that song and so does Damon.

Damon continues to drive and eventually, Alina gets really tired. She puts on more classical music, like the cello player Yo-Yo Ma. It's super dark out, so she decides to fall asleep while she can. After about ten minutes, she's out like a light.
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