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A heretic falls in love. Will it last? Will it break her? What will happen?
Alina stretches as her eyes open, waking up to Damon and Elena arguing about whether or not they're actually in Georgia. "Elena, shut up, we're staying in Georgia until Damon finds what he needs to find." A phone rings as Alina stops talking. Damon has Elena's phone and answers it. Alina listens in and hears the other person, Stefan, ask Damon to talk to her. He gives Elena the opportunity to talk to Stefan, but she firmly shakes her head no.

The car was stopped and Elena opens the door, exiting her seat and out into the humid Georgia air. She almost falls, and while Alina would have let her fall, Damon rushes around the car and grabs her before she can hit the ground.

A few more minutes of arguing to go back occurs and then they reach an agreement: Damon doesn't compel her and she travels with them to where they are going. Damon and Elena get back in the car and they're off again. "Alina, music please." Alina turns on Carry On Wayward Sons by KANSAS and softly hums along to it.

They drive for a while before they come across a bar. Elena says that they won't let her in, and Damon says they will. Alina, Damon, and Elena enter the bar and a woman named Bree comes over to them, hugging and kissing Damon, then announcing he was the one who broke her heart. Alina can sense she's a witch.

At the bar, she sits down and orders a drink. Damon sits next to her and Elena is on the other side of Damon. Damon explains to Elena that Bree's a witch and he's going to help her open the tomb. He then turns to Bree and tells her the crystal is gone and he needs another way. Bree says the crystal was the only way, but neither Alina nor Damon believe her.

Elena says she wants to do shots, so Alina participates. Elena wins every round of the game and Damon makes a comment about Elena unhinging her jaw like a snake. Alina just wanted the drinks so she could deal with this trip, specifically Elena and Damon. Alina didn't like either of them. To be honest, she was only helping Damon because she knew he could rip her heart out before she could mutter a spell to save herself.

Eventually, Elena disappears and Damon heads outside to see if she's out there. Alina goes with him, and she sees Elena talking to Lexie and, who Alina assumes, is Lexie's boyfriend. Alina acts offended, "And I thought you were with me, Lexie." Alina smiles and Lexie runs into her arms, pulling her into a tight hug. Alina pulls out an extra daylight ring she had made for emergencies and gave it to Lexie's boyfriend.

Lexie introduced the two of them. "Alina, this is Lee, my boyfriend. Lee, this is Alina, my second best friend other than Stefan." Alina shakes his hand and they say their pleasantries. Lee also thanks her for the daylight ring, but also is confused because he thought she was a vampire. "It was no problem. To explain how I made it: I was born a siphon witch, and when I was turned, I found out I could keep my powers. Also, a siphon is a witch who doesn't have their own magic, they take it from other supernatural people or items."

Lee nods his head and thanks her once again. Alina smiles and gives Lexie another hug before they leave. Alina, Damon, and Elena drove back to Mystic Falls. During the car ride, Alina was attacked by another vision. In this one, she sees how Stefan and Damon were turned, how they were fed Katherine's blood and eventually shot by their father.

As the vision ends, Alina feels a powerful hunger. She pulls a blood bag out of her sunflower bag and guzzles all of it. Still a bit thirsty, she takes another blood bag out and slowly drinks it this time, savoring the flavor of the B+ blood. She neatly stores the empty bags back into her sunflower bag.

Alina thinks of sunflowers. They're her favorite flower, just ahead of roses and lilacs. Sunflowers remind her of happiness and sunshine. Sunflowers are also just really beautiful. She thinks of the time she got away from her dad, thinking of the way she saw sunflowers the first time she stepped foot back in Mystic Falls.

Letting go of the thoughts of her childhood, her attention was brought back inside the car. Elena was telling Damon about how Stefan has that one picture of Katherine and how she and Katherine look exactly alike. Damon doesn't know how to explain it, and to even explain it, he'd have to know why they look alike, which he also doesn't know.

Alina thinks of a grimoire she once saw. The topic of doppelgangers came up and Alina bolts up with an excited look on her face. Damon and Elena don't see the expression she has, so she doesn't think about explaining this to Elena because Alina doesn't like her.

The car stops at a restaurant on the line between Virginia and North Caroline. They all get out and walk inside the building. Once inside, Alina leads Damon and Elena to a little booth in the back corner.

The waitress, Hollyn, takes their orders and leaves. Elena and Damon start talking again and Alina grabs a notebook and pen from her bag. She starts a notebook for her visions and anything she figures out about people in Mystic Falls. She also tracks everything that happens in Mystic Falls.

Soon, they're on the road again, and this time it is daylight out. Alina keeps tracking everything that has happened so far and she writes down all her visions.

When they get back to Mystic Falls, Damon drives everyone to the Salvatore Boarding House and Stefan rushes outside and pulls Elena into a hug.

Elena, Stefan, Damon, and Alina walk into the house and Elena asks about Katherine. Stefan doesn't know how to explain how they look alike but explains how he was confused about her last name being Gilbert.

Alina doesn't say a word about doppelgängers and Stefan reveals that she was adopted. Elena asks how he knows, and Stefan talks about getting into the hospital birthing records.

Alina stands to go home when Stefan is explaining everything to Elena. She speeds home and writes down in her notebook that Elena is adopted. Alina makes breakfast and a cup of coffee. She makes French Toast with powdered sugar on top and makes her coffee extra sugary. After breakfast, she takes a quick nap before getting ready for the day.
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