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Coconut Oil Cleanse

Sam Adams was always skeptical of various nutrition fads, including “cleanses” and detox regimes. Until one day, his lovely wife, Maria Lee came down with a mysterious ailment. She could not eat and began wasting away. The doctors could not find out what was wrong with her – she did not have cancer, but they suspected she had an internal flare of bacteria in her system that acted up after she had undergone extensive antibiotics to deal with an acute gastrointestinal bacteria infection. She was down to 88 pounds and looked as if she was on death’s door. But none of the tests revealed what was wrong with her – her system was just shutting down.

They were living in Madrid at the time where Sam worked as a diplomat at the US Embassy. Doctors there could not figure it out and doctors in DC could not either. They finally gave up on her. She returned to post, and did extensive research into alternative health treatments. She finally settled on daily wheat grass, daily homemade kefir smoothies, and daily homemade kombucha. Sam tried all three and they made Kefir and kombucha at home from then on with great results. She stabilized a bit.

Then she tried a cleanse - three days coconut oil and lemon juice only and Sam joined her. It was very rough going, Sam felt hungry throughout the ordeal but they stuck it out and, and at the end of the three days, she said she felt better and began slowly eating and over the next few weeks got back to her normal skinny 105 pounds and Sam went back to his normal slightly overweight 190 pounds.

They both pronounced the cleanse to have been a great success but decided that was too much to deal with. They did though continue daily Kefir and Kombucha and later after retiring they started doing daily moxibustion, and weekly acupuncture and massage treatments taking advantage of .living in Korea where such alternative health treatment were widespread and inexpensive paid for by their insurance.

Based loosely on a true story


February comes from “februa,” a Latin word meaning “to cleanse,” and was named after a month-long purification festival held this time of the year. Write a story or poem about a cleansing, either literal or metaphorical. Use EMOTIONAL as one of your genres.

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