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by Hayden
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The Meeting is a short story about life that I conjured out of the blue.
She, also known as She of Left Wind, was a woman of her hometown celebrated through shouts of disparity and cantankerous cries that echoed through the small township in West Virginia.

For a modern period of the middle 1900s, she had not known much of the outside world until she met He.

He was an executive of a company that resided by the riverside of Michigan. A company that distributes its findings evenly, for a corporation is expected of. But even that venture found its way through a small township, where a man found his calling to move from his humble beginning in his cold colony to start anew with city life.

He had much reason to fear when he first saw her.

Her clothes were worn, she was ill assisted, and much of her pious had been vanquished through hardship. What she had lacked, she hoped to find in He, just as he had hoped to find that same feeling of wholeness with a wife.

She knew he was a far traveller, as he brought his wits unfamiliar to the town; perhaps not to her.

This could be her chance; she thought. She stared a little at his light face; that glimmered with hope and familiarity. She began, “Words are a curious thing, don’t tell me otherwise.” Before she could re-arrange her thoughts, he spoke. “What is that supposed to mean, you crazy woman?” He tugged at the wind between their faces, as he asserted himself. “You know, maybe I need a crazy lady,” he stated, his voice gradually chilling down with adherence to the wind. “My last woman was a boring woman, the kind that bakes cookies and complains about the weather.” They laughed. She found a chance to speak amidst his preamble, “I am not crazy, I would rather consider myself torn up by life, but i’m still hanging on.” She said half-willingly. They exchanged a quick reaffirmed glance as she spoke, “I see a familiar sorrow in your face, so I am curious, if you want to tell me, do you agree with my reading?”

He did not move or speak, and instead looked into her eyes; almost semi-automatically. She glared back at him, unhappy with his request. “You don’t need to stare at me, maybe just a quick glance is enough, do you know?” “Yes,” he said back. “And thank you for finding being in me, just as I have recently found in you.” She was a little bit high on life as she realized now that He was the He to her She; and the chance of a lifetime was now fading into reality.

“Now that we’re both acquainted, where should you take me?” Said She. “Follow me,” He said. “At sunrise, we will leave this place before any of your old toots can complain.” Her face filled with excitement. “And we’re off!” She showed him to her country dwelling, and there they exchanged stories of the past and talked about the present, with little acknowledgment of the future. Soon, the sun would go down; and the danger of night’s uncertainty would usually creep slightly into their brains, but their newfound companionship would occupy them.

The sun would soon rise, and when they woke up, they realized they were now truly whole. That feeling they had been searching for, was it already fulfilled? And they hadn’t even known each other for twenty four hours yet, which, according to time, was unusual. However, the phenomenon of time seemed to vanish in their souls as they were together. As they looked past the wagon separating her town from the outskirts of seemingly nowhere, they left; with an astonishingly excited demeanor that neither had felt until now.

Reality would soon return to them. They had some
money, but where were they to go? He knew his vagueness about the future would soon present itself, and soon the desolate land he was exploring was lost to him; just as it was to her.

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