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by Malex
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This is the Anime Interviewer episode 1 Epilogue.
The Anime Interviewer


-The sound of someone shouting at the interviewer with frustration can be seen on his face. He has a blonde hair, has a headband of the Konoha and a teenager with a lousy attitude.

???: "Why I was not invited to the interview Malex"

Malex: "First it's because your series is very boring currently and it's not that popular yet. Secondly. Hm... Nothing I don't have second thing. So, behave yourself Boruto and go back to your scenes and finish doing your scenes."

Boruto: "You bastard! You don't need to be so rude like that. You know what, I am happy that I was not invited to your shitty interview."

Malex: "Well good for you. I am also happy that you weren't invited."

Boruto: "You have a very sharp tongued you know you bastard."

Malex: "Well sorry for that, I need to go back home and sleep. It's getting very late. See you later."

Boruto: "You are also a very frustrating person you know. Everyone please go watch my series and you won't regret it. You will see how my series will be even more popular than the Naruto Shippuden series."

Malex: "Yeah yeah, go watch his boring series you might like it. Can someone take this brat from here we need to close the studio. I think you should also go home now and sleep. Or go do something else other than annoying me."

Boruto: "THAT DOES IT! I am gonna beat you're a..."


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