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by Sumojo
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A poem slamming the day of love
Valentine's Day, a day of red,
The love that's shown is often led
By Cupid, with his bow and dart,
Spreading love in every heart.

But what is love, when it's just a show,
A charade that's acted for the glow?
It's just a day to buy some gifts,
A day that's filled with shallow lifts.

Cupid, the god of love and pleasure,
Is nothing but a love-sick treasure.
His arrows, just a means to sell,
Products and ideas we can't dispel.

So let's forget this holiday,
A time to buy, and not to play.
For love is more than just a date,
It's a feeling that's real, and not a bait.

So let's find love in our own way,
Without the need for hearts and sway.
For true love is not just for a day,
But a journey that will never stray.

20 lines

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